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A Great Weekend

Hello, all. I don't mean to brag, but I had an incredible weekend. It was my good friend Alex's birthday, so Friday after clinic, my buds and I took off to Orlando for a celebratory weekend. We took it somewhat easy the first night, staying in for a homemade fajita/taco night, but hit the ground running Saturday morning. After my buddy Joe and I cooked up a breakfast feast for everyone, it was to the nearest watering hole for a day of college football rounded out by a FSU victory over our in-state rivals, the Miami Hurricanes. The win was a little too close for my liking, but hey, a "W" is a "W".


The weekend was still far from over as we made our way to Epcot on Sunday for the International Food and Wine Festival. If you've never been to the Food and Wine Festival, do yourself a favor and head on down one year. There were over 30 countries represented at the festival, each offering incredible food and local libations. Needless to say, Sunday night we were feeling good, not so much Monday morning, but I guess you have to pay to play sometimes. The exclamation point on the weekend came on Monday night at the Orlando House of Blues when we saw Passion Pit kill it live. I think Al had a pretty decent birthday weekend if you ask me. 


Lessons Learned

Speaking of cutting loose, I have a little story from a few weekends ago that combines a work with play. A few weeks ago, my dad, uncle and I went out for dinner and a few drinks in downtown St. Pete. We had a great dinner, had more than a few laughs, caught up, and then decided to hit a little jazz bar down the road for some good music and few drinks. It was a busy night, but miraculously we scored a table right up front, which was even in close proximity to the bathroom.

Not even two minutes after sitting down, we noticed a young girl being helped to the bathroom by a few of her friends. She was having a bit of a hard time getting there on her own, but hey, we've all been there at some point or another. As she stepped into the bathroom, her friends made their way back to the bar, but before she could close the door, she fell straight back and struck the back of her head on the concrete floor. At this point Dr. Stepanovsky's emergency medical situations class took over. I could hear Dr. S's voice in my ear; stabilize the head, and check your ABCs (airway, breathing, cardiac). The poor girl was unresponsive, but had a clear airway, was breathing, but had a faint rapid heartbeat. The girl's friend, a terrified bar manager, and I kept the girl stable as she began to come to, and the paramedics arrived. I gave the paramedics the run down of what had occurred then Pops, uncle and I immediately made our way to another bar for a much-deserved drink.

These things really do happen, and I'm very lucky to have remembered all the training we've been given. As much as you think that some of what we learn will never happen to you, or that we are forced to learn some things that seem out of our scope of practice, when those situations do happen, you will be very happy to know what you do.

Well, I hope everyone has a quick week and a relaxing weekend. Don't forget to continue to stay current with all your material, and never stop studying or practicing. It all pays off in the end.

Catch ya on the flip,