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You Only Get Out What You Put In

Good Morning all, I hope everyone had a killer weekend.

I did my best this weekend to make up for losing a weekend to Boards last week. Aside from having to write a paper and answer a few homework questions, I set the books aside and took a break from NUHS and hung out with friends. I've said it over and over, if you work hard, you deserve to play hard. The demands of this program are intense and the stress builds up fast. If you don't have a few days to blow off some steam here and there, you'll gas out before hitting the finish line.

The view from 7 rows up on center ice at Saturday's Tampa Bay Lightning game
where my pals and I were blowing off some steam from the week.

This past week I was talking with some 7th Trimester Florida students at lunch (yes, I humor them and eat lunch with them every now and again; it gives them something to look forward to HaHa), and I was asked if I thought we had enough adjusting time under our belts before hitting Student Clinic.

This question was asked as we were recapping some of the points Dr. Mark King, from the Motion Palpation Institute, made a couple of weeks ago. Dr. King made the point that as chiropractors we should master the trade, and part of the trade that stands out to most is the chiropractic adjustment. True, National instills in us the tools for becoming a primary care physician, but our patients will almost always associate the "DC" after our names with an adjustment. Dr. King made the point that now, as students, is when we should master this skill, before we hit the real world and real life expectations of patients.

So, back to my answer to the 7th Tri students' question--yes, we get enough time! We have 2 years to practice before patients hit our table in Student Clinic. We as students often forget that we are not in an undergraduate program any more. As a doctoral student, a lot of what we learn comes from the classroom, but there's much we have to learn ourselves on our own. Now I'm not saying to hit the streets with a portable table and start handing out black-market adjustments. Just as we take advantage of study groups for exams, or going to see teachers after class to review material, we need to make time to do the same for adjusting.

Yes, our E&M courses eventually stop, but there is ample opportunity to practice your skills. Students should take full advantage of the open lab times set aside each week for supervised adjusting practice. Motion Palpation Club, every Wednesday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. (shameless plug), is also a great time to review and hone your skills on palpation, and just get more time for some hands-on experience. No one is going to hold your hand here and force you to practice, and they shouldn't have to. We became physicians to help people, and the only way to provide the best care possible is to master the skills we're being exposed to here at school.

OK, OK, enough lecturing for this week. I can't believe this trimester is drawing to a close; seems as if it was a blur. I know as these trimesters start to wind down, so do we. Do your best to keep those heads up and make the final push to the end of the tri a hard one. You can only get out of something, what you put in, so put your best foot forward now, it will only pay off in the future. 

Oh, and if you find yourselves in Orlando with some time to burn this weekend, stop by the Sheraton Orlando from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. for one of National's information sessions on the Florida DC program--and, you can listen to me speak around 11:25 a.m.! Register online at /landing-pages/hotel-info-session/.