Be Prepared

Hello, all. I hope everyone who took boards this past weekend is happy they're behind them. The good news is, I've been hearing from everyone that they were well prepared. That's one thing about our education here at National, if nothing else, we are prepared for board exams. I know at the time it seems as if some of the information you see in power points or highlighted in notes is there for no apparent reason, but trust me, that one line that you disregard will be back in some shape or form to haunt you.

I have written in past blogs how I like to study and prepare for exams, which may help, and I also have a ton of board study material that I am more than willing to share. If anyone would like to get a head start on studying, please don't hesitate to ask, and I'll send you any information I can.

Speaking of being prepared, that's the name of the game when you hit clinic. Now that I am a big bad 10th trimester intern (HaHa) that is the one piece of advice I have been giving to all the new student interns. When I hit the clinic, it was a unique circumstance where we were short-handed on interns and I had to hit the ground running. My fellow interns and I didn't have the option of not being prepared; we had patients day one.

Being prepared mentally for every visit is a key part of giving the best care possible to your patients. We have all the tools necessary to treat our patients when we hit 8th trimester, the challenge is putting it all together and knowing when and when not to use certain tools. I was speaking with a student intern this morning whose first freshman physical was today, and she was a little nervous, understandably. We sat together and talked through the entire visit from start to finish, and when we were done, her nerves had settled and she was prepared to rock out a freshman physical. It really is that simple. Having a mental map of your visit sets you at ease and encourages an efficient visit--two birds, one stone.


This weekend I took a brake from preparing, and enjoyed some serious sports. My pals and I watched the FSU Seminoles put on an exhibition against Wake Forrest, winning 52-0 on Saturday, followed by being disappointed by the Rays and Bucs on Sunday. New York had our number this past weekend. The Bucs put up a heck of a fight against the Giants, and the Rays looked decent against the Yanks, but sadly they both bettered us in the end. 

Sunday wasn't all bad. I recorded a fantasy football win, and enjoyed myself at a pig roast with friends. I hope everyone has a great week, and remember to never stop practicing.