What is Chiropractic

Good morning, blog reading faithful. Hope everyone's week went well last week, and the weekend provided some downtime from all the midterms. I know around here students have been scrambling to get in any last minute studying they can. Cramming doesn't always work in the long haul, and I'm not endorsing it, but it can help in the crunch.

A student approached me last week and asked how to find the time to study appropriately. The best answer I could give was to study every day. I know it's the absolute last thing you will feel like doing when you get home after a full day of lecture, but it's the best way to avoid that overwhelming feeling before a test. An hour of reviewing notes right when you get home will go a long way in understanding material and mentally storing that information.

Shelby studying outside the Annex building in between classes

So this past Saturday, I was out to dinner with some friends at the Refinery in Tampa (killer restaurant, by the way), and out of nowhere my pal Javi put me on the spot and asked what exactly is it that chiropractors do?

A few of my buddies' parents are MDs, Javi's dad is pediatric surgeon, and to them chiropractic is some monster living in the hillside handing out strokes to the scared townspeople. The question of what it is we do as chiropractic physicians will tend to come up quite a bit in networking circles and in practice, so one should be prepared to tackle it.

Getting back to the story at hand. There I was at the dinner table with 5 other of my friends staring at me and expecting me to enlighten them to what I've been doing with my life for the past 2 plus years. Luckily I had an answer for them (and I'm a good BSer).

"As chiropractors we use a lot of the same diagnostic tools as MDs to reach a diagnosis of what's ailing our patients, with an emphasis on approaching the patient as a whole, then treating the patient using a drug-free, hands-on approach." It was a short and sweet answer that I thought would suffice, but then came the question, "I thought you were just a back guy?"

Katie adjusting Guy

I don't about you, but I can't stand that statement, however it's a conception the majority of lay-people have about DCs. I answered, "Some chiros are solely 'back guys.' I think of myself as becoming a doctor who can treat any part of the body, but whose treatment, more often than not, can consist of spinal adjusting, but doesn't always need to." This was followed by some more questions, answers and scenarios, but the point is, I was prepared.

As chiropractors, we will be asked these questions, and we must be able to defend our profession in an educated and articulate manner. Have your own definition of chiropractic handy for patients, and another for networking with allopaths. It's inevitable that someone will try to stump you with this question; don't let them.

That should be enough story time for this week. I hope everyone has a great week, and it flies by. For everyone studying for boards on the horizon, don't stress yourself out; you'd be surprised how prepared you are even if you don't realize it. When in doubt, a beer (or 2) while studying tends to help.

Catch ya on the flip-side,