That New Clinic Smell

It's an exciting day down here at the Florida campus; today the NUHS Whole Health Center - Pinellas Park outpatient clinic is open and ready for business. The other interns and I walked up this morning to a fresh, state-of-the-art facility, which even has that new clinic smell. It's an incredible facility, equipped with 10 treatment rooms, a physical therapy room, separate lab room, an interactive classroom, and super-cool conference room. I am typing this now from our very own intern lounge--pretty fancy.


Yes, we are very excited about all the brand-spanking-new equipment, but we are also enthusiastic to have an outpatient facility. Up until now, the Florida campus has had to get by with a 4-room clinic that only caters to the faculty, staff and dependents of those affiliated with St. Pete College and the University Partnership (which includes NUHS, Barry University, Florida State University, University of Florida and others).


The new facility will now allow us to treat anyone and everyone. The services we provide will still be free to the population we would see at our student clinic, but will be at a very minimal cost to anyone else who would like treatment. We are hoping that this will open up a whole new population of patients, and bring some more real-world cases through the door. The more practice we can take on while in school will just help us feel that much more confident once we graduate and are on our own.


Speaking of being on our own, I've started the process of outfitting my clinic once I'm out of the NUHS nest. As many of my colleagues and professors around here know, I've signed on to be an associate with a great doctor, have signed a lease for my future practice (opening in South Tampa, April 1, 2013...shameless plug), and last week even bought almost all the physiotherapy equipment I'll need. These things were a learning experience in and of themselves. Finding the right location that you believe you can succeed in is very important. I staked out the building I wanted for nearly 2 years before it finally opened up about 2 months ago. Then I was very fortunate to make a relationship with a local MRI rep who clued me in on a practice that was downsizing and needed to get rid of a lot of equipment for a very discounted price. From the experiences I've had, I would recommend starting to make relationships as soon as you can, and maintain them, even its just a text or a phone call once a month to touch base. It goes a long way.


I hope everyone has a productive week, and best of luck to everyone taking Part 4 boards this coming weekend. Please everyone wish us luck. I know we are all prepared, but a little luck never hurts either. If anyone needs any help or advice about the new clinic, or starting his or her own, please shoot me an email, its fresh in my head, so hopefully I can help.

Good Luck this weekend,