Part IV Is Finally Over

Hello everybody. Part IV boards are DONE!! This past weekend, my fellow 9th and 10th trimester interns and I had to hopefully make our last trip to Port Orange, Florida, for board exams. 

The first day was the Diagnostic Imaging exam. We were first given very specific instructions on what to expect once the exam began. Next, we were separated into groups and taken to our exam rooms. In the room were 10 stations, each with a view box containing 2 images. On my exam there was one MRI case and the rest were X-ray images. You then had 4 minutes to review the cases and answer two follow-up questions that either asked the next appropriate step in managing the case, what the diagnosis was, or what would we expect to see clinically with that patient. 

The general consensus after Day 1 was that we were all very prepared for that exam. To reward myself after Day 1, I took the rest of the afternoon off, found a golf course, and played a quick solo 18. This ended up being a great way to relax before Day 2. 

Day 2 of Part IV boards began at registration bright and early at 8 a.m. Again, we were given lengthy instructions and bussed to the test site at Palmer College's main clinic. This part of the exam was designed to assess us as if we were dealing with patients in a real life setting. There were 3 stations where we had to take a history on simulated patients, 5 orthopedic and neurological testing stations, and 1 physical exam station--each station was followed by two questions similar to the diagnostic imaging questions. There were then 5 adjustment stations, in which you set up a specific chiropractic adjustment on a patient and verbalized how the adjustment would be performed to the examiner. All of the stations lasted for 10 minutes before you were ushered to the next station. It felt incredible walking out after that last station. I felt confident and prepared for the exam, and hopefully I'll never have to take another board exam again. 


You know I had to mix in a little fun into the weekend after tests like those. After Saturday's exam, I moseyed on down to Tallahassee, Florida, for my good friend Nic's, wedding. Nic and I were pals all through my college years at Florida State, and I couldn't be happier for him. We danced and partied on Sunday well into Monday morning.


It was a great weekend, and I'm looking forward to much less stressful next 4 weeks before graduating Dec. 13. 

Catch you guys on the flip side,