Welcome Back

Happy New Year!! Welcome back everyone. I hope the holidays treated you well. I had a fantastic 3-week break, spending much of the time with family and friends, and the rest with my board review packets. I had to balance all the partying with a little bit of work so not to forget what was waiting for me in March.  Two other classmates and I will be off to Palmer Florida for Part 2, 3, and PT boards in three short months, and I had stay somewhat sharp.

Shadowing a Chiorpractor

Amidst my time reading, bar hopping and golfing over the break, I also squeezed in a few days shadowing my cousin Kevin Valdes, DC. My cousin has a great practice in Brandon, Florida, and was kind enough to allow me to look over his shoulder a few days after Christmas. (Each break I try to contact and shadow at least one established chiro not only to learn from them and pick up some real-world experience, but to network as well.) I recommend everyone trying this on his or her time off. This is the profession we are going to be a part of shortly and it's extremely important to get your name out there and start meeting as many other physicians (not just DCs) as you can.

My cousin was very impressed with the clinical knowledge base I have accrued during my time at National. We may not always realize how much we are actually learning from trimester to trimester, but I can tell you from experience, our professors are preparing us well.

Welcome to New Students

I'd also like to take this blog to welcome all the new first trimester students to NUHS. I won't lie to you, for most of you this is going to be the most rigorous learning program of your academic career, but also the most rewarding.

2012-01-17_Club Day
The lunch-in sponsored by Student Council provided an opporunity
for new students to get involved in campus groups.

The best advice I can give you is to work hard, stay current with the material and remember to take some time for yourself. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with the mass amounts of information you will be expected to know, and a lot of students tend to get burned out. I was always taught, "work hard, play hard." As important as studying and learning are to be successful, blowing off steam and resting is just as important to keep you sane.

Sports Council

I, along with the rest of the Florida campus student body, had a chance to meet and greet the new 1st tri at our club meeting day last week. Student Council threw a lunch-in together to give our Florida clubs a chance to put themselves out there and start to recruit for the new trimester of meetings and activities. The Florida campus' club base is growing with each trimester, and I would like to welcome the Florida Sports Council Club into the fold. The goal of the club is to introduce National students to the world of sports medicine through volunteer work, guest speakers and seminars. Sports Council will be overseen by Dr. Tim Stark. 

2012-01-17_Sports Council
Sports Council officers Brandon Fields, Jake LaVere, Shelby Plante, and President Drew Hunt.

First blog of the tri is in the books. Please keep reading, this is my first trimester as a Student Intern and I can't wait to start seeing patients and sharing my experiences with the Dex Blog faithful. I chose a career in the health care profession to help people, and I'm finally in a position to put all my hard work and knowledge to use. I'm eager to start seeing patients and to continue to learn and share my ups and downs with you. It's going to be an exciting final year (that's kind of creepy to say out loud), so stay tuned.

Catch ya on the flip-side,