Long Weekend

Happy 4th everyone! The long weekend was much needed and entirely too short.

Last week was riddled with midterms, and this week has a few of its own. I did try my best this weekend to catch up on some rest, but was a little hard to do with all the festivities going on down at the beach, where I happened to be staying for the weekend. The 4th of July is a celebration in St. Pete beach, one more thing to look out for when moving down here.


Saturday and Sunday I partied with the rest of the crowd that overtook the beach this weekend, but when Monday rolled around and it was time to study all day, the crowds tend to forget to quiet down for you. Amid the fireworks display outside the condo and commotion of entertained onlookers, there I sat cooped up in the condo, reviewing my correlative orthopedics notes for my midterm Tuesday.

I tend to fall back to this point a lot; if you want to party hard, you have to work hard. So, if you're a social person like myself, always set aside ample time to put in the work required for this rigorous program.

The bright side of two more exams this week, is that they are the last of midterms! A common mistake many new students tend to make is to forget everything they just studied for midterms and take a break until a week or so before finals. Please remember this is not undergrad. Everything we are learning is built upon, and it is crucial to continue reviewing and understanding material year-round. Believe me, it pays off in spades. Keep your heads up; we're more than halfway through the trimester, and that much closer to break.

Take care,