What's Your Definition of Doctor?

Last week I was talking about the business end of our profession, and I was revisiting that topic this past weekend as I was putting together a business/marketing plan for my future clinic. As I sat down at my computer, staring at a blank word document (much as I was doing about 2 minutes ago), I had to come up with somewhere to start. I was making a plan to become a doctor, but what is a doctor? What kind of doctor do I want to become? In all my experiences with physicians in my life (there's been a few, I was a sickly fella when I was young), one stood out to me, my allergist Dr. Adler.

I've known Dr. Adler for as long as I can remember, and for that long he's been more of my teacher than my doctor. I am allergic to just about everything in nature, so it was crucial for him to explain to me how to avoid certain triggers. For Dr. Adler, it wasn't about pushing drugs down my throat, or allergy shots in my arm, he found it critical for me to understand my problem and find practical ways to keep it under control.

To be a doctor should also mean to be a teacher. A successful physician forges relationships with his patients and ultimately wants them well--what better way than to help teach your patients how to achieve that goal. It's a "better to teach a man to fish then to plop a filet down in front of him" kind of a thought. I hope this is a tip that some of you will take to heart.

One my favorite teachers here in Florida, David "Coach" Seaman, DC, teaching Tri 5 GI/GU E&M class.

Our Tri 6 crew and I have taken over teaching/mentoring the Florida chapter of Motion Palpation Club, in hopes to sharpen our skills as teachers. Start learning how to teach, and practice your skill where you can.

Time to step down from the soapbox.

I hope everyone has a great week and has a little time to recharge their batteries before finals roll around. I've recently tried to pick up a new hobby to get my head out of the books for a while--helping a buddy make some home-brewed beer. For those of you who know me, you probably wouldn't be surprised that my new hobby has something to do with beer. In my opinion, one needs some kind of hobby to keep their sanity during these nearly 4 years of chiro-madness, and why not have that hobby include making your own alcohol? Ha ha ha.