The True Risk of Post-Cervical Adjustment

Hey again everyone, and happy Homecoming Week. I know all of you up in Lombard are hurt that I was not one of the students picked by the raffle to head up for Homecoming this week, but rest assured, I will rig the raffle next year and be there partying alongside you. I will, however, be looking forward to the shortened week; it will serve for a good time to get in some much-needed work. 

This past week, the Florida chapter of SACA brought in a phenom of chiropractic research to speak to us about the risk of stroke after a chiropractic cervical adjustment. Dr. Anthony Rosner, PhD, has been researching the underlying causes and risks for stroke after adjustments to protect as well as praise the professionalism of a precise chiropractic adjustment. According to the research, the risk for a neurological complication after a cervical adjustment is only 0.31 per million patients; the next closest incidence of a stroke is 56 per million, and that's for being struck by lightning! 

Dex -Rosner -talk _webDr. Anthony Rosner presenting his research.

Dr. Rosner places most of the blame of vertebral artery complications onto the amino acid homocysteine and its ability to weaken arterial wall collagen. A journal entry sited by Dr. Rosner, from the New England Journal of Medicine, reported a direct correlation to the incidence of stroke with an increased plasma homocysteine level. So, does this mean you should screen each of your patients for homocysteine levels prior to a neck adjustment? More than likely, no. 

The most important part of having the knowledge and skills we are acquiring in school is to know when and when not to use them. A proper history of a patient with atherosclerotic plaques, or possibly a folic acid (B9) or cobalamin (B12) deficiency, should set off some alarms for a check, but other than that, your best judgment as a doctor should always be used. 

If anyone would like a copy of Dr. Rosner's presentation, please let me know and I will be happy to forward it along. Have a great week, and enjoy Homecoming for me, and the rest of the FL campus. We will be there in spirit! 

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