Happy Holidays from a Closet Nerd

Good morning all. I can't believe it's already Week 14 of my seventh trimester. It doesn't just seem like the tri has flown by, but the last 2-1/2 years also seem like a blur. I've learned a lot this trimester about being a physician, and I'm ecstatic to put what I've learned to use next trimester in Student Clinic.

I'm so surprised at the amount of information I've been taught, and even retained a bit of, over my time here at National. I can remember starting first tri in cadaver lab and literally shaking as I walked into my first lab practical final. I used to think there was no way I could take that many classes and pass, let alone retain the information for future classes and tests. We've become so conditioned to the rigorousness of the program, that now I stare down the 12 finals I have over the next 2 weeks without a quiver.

Where does this confidence come from, you may ask? The answer to that riddle is by being prepared. I had to learn how to learn, if that makes any sense. It took stumbling and sub-par performances my first trimester to teach me how important it is to be prepared. I want to say over that first break between first and second tri, I studied for about 2 hours a day to be ready to kick some butt when we started up again. I've kept this tradition alive now for 2 years, and for 2 years I don't remember a single exam I've been nervous for (except for national boards).

Dex -christmas Palm Tree

If you know me down here, you know I joke around a lot during the day, and may even have a little reputation as a partier, but now you know my secret of being a closet nerd. I love to learn, and the material and skills we're picking up intrigue me, so studying has become more of a hobby than anything else. I hope this message gets across to those that have asked me how to beat their test-taking anxiety. By making your chore a hobby, it makes being prepared that much easier and hopefully drops your anxiety levels--that plus a 12-pack doesn't hurt either.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog throughout the trimester and especially those who have taken the additional time to shoot me emails. I would also like to thank Mrs. Marie Olbrysh [editor] and Rachel Campbell [webmaster] for making this blog a reality, and Deb Bechtel for constantly reminding everyone about the blog and to continue reading it.

I hope everyone smashes their finals and has an incredible winter vacation. Happy holidays to all, and if you find yourself around Tampa, shoot me an email so we can meet up for a drink.

Catch ya on the flip side,