President's Lecture

Hello all. This past week was an exciting one down here at the Florida campus. National's president, Dr. James Winterstein, was here for the first trimester students' white coat ceremony. While Dr. Winterstein was down here in St. Pete, we were lucky enough to have him squeeze in some time for a lecture on our role as chiropractors in a primary care setting. 

"Learn as broad as you can, and practice as specific as you'd like." -- Dr. James Winterstein 

As physicians we have a responsibility to our patients to get them well by managing their health. The key word in the previous sentence is "manage." Dr. Winterstein explained to us, that managing our patient's health is our primary concern, and can be done in a variety of ways. A rut that we chiropractors often fall into, and really all physicians fall into, is the need to treat the patient's pain, rather than the patient as a whole. 

Dr. Winterstein shared a story with us about a patient he had treated in the past. This patient came to his office with some back pain looking for any relief she could find. While performing the examination on the patient, Dr. Winterstein noticed the patient had a persistent cough. By the end of the session, Dr. Winterstein convinced the patient to have a chest X-ray before leaving. The patient was reluctant because her medical doctor had just diagnosed her with bronchitis, but what the MD had failed to find was the bronchogenic carcinoma growing in her lung. In this story, managing the patient required a vigilant eye, some assertiveness, and an oncologic referral.

Dr. Winterstein demonstrating an adjustment on Dr. Stiefel.

Dr. Winterstein reminded us that this was not an isolated incident, and patients like this walk into doctors' offices every day; whether they are managed correctly, is up to the doctor. At the end of Dr. Winterstein's talk with us, he surprised everyone by having our very own Dr. Joe Stiefel lay down on the adjustment table for a quick manipulation lesson. For anyone reading this who has never seen Dr. Winterstein adjust, or doesn't think he has it in him, do yourself a favor and follow him around until you see him throw down a manipulation--the man is incredible.

As exciting as last week was, if you guys are like me, you are starting to feel the pre-finals decline in enthusiasm for classes. This feeling hits me around the same time each trimester, and it takes everything I have to keep the energy up to finish the trimester strong. My solution for getting out of the funk is to take a few days break from studying and relax. I know I'm always preaching to keep on top of your classes, and continue to study, but this past weekend I needed a break.

Cheering on the Tampa Bay Lightning

A couple of buds and I went to the Tampa Bay Lightning game last week to slap some glass, and then ordered the boxing match this weekend, and here I am Monday morning ready to tackle the rest of this trimester. There's only a month left in the tri until a nice three-week break. Try not to burn yourself out before finals, but do your best to stay motivated. I hope everyone has a killer week.

Catch ya on the flip,