Staying Current in the Key

How about the Tampa Bay Rays! The Rays were 9 games behind coming into September, were down by 7 runs in the 8th inning of the final game of the season, and STILL made the playoffs! Having the Rays in your back yard is just another perk of the St. Pete Florida campus.

This week looks to be a little rough--we have our first exam of the trimester, a few quizzes, and of course our simulated patients.

Staying on top of all your courses is key for survival in this program. I have been on the full course load track since starting at National, and keeping current with all the material is the reason I've been able to stay afloat. This program is no joke; we sometimes forget that we are in med school and exactly how demanding and important our education is.

The classroom is just one part of our education; we are going to be students of chiropractic our entire careers. The profession we have chosen is always changing and growing, and it is going to be up to us to be the next generation of innovators for chiropractic medicine. I use this thought to keep me motivated (which is definitely hard sometimes) to keep learning, and to always be prepared for the classroom, and eventually my clinic.

One of my favorite classes of the trimester so far has been Ambulatory Trauma. Nerina J. Stepanovsky, PhD, has taken us under her wing and is sharing the skills she has accumulated from her more than 20 years of experience as a flight nurse in the U.S. military. Thus far, we have learned how to be first responders in to National, on this one; I really am impressed on how diverse our education is. I don't know of any other chiro school that has an emergency response class in the curriculum.

Guy and I after ambulatory trauma lab where we were treated for "head wounds."

I hope everyone has a great week. I know I'll have my head in a book all week, but it's OK, because I had my butt at a bar all weekend (ha ha). Do your best to stay current in the sea of information that is thrown at you on a daily basis, and don't forget to cheer on the Rays this week as they play the Texas Rangers.

Go Rays!