A Sensitive Subject

Hello, all. Last week was exciting/nerve racking to say the least. Along with the run of the mill classes and studying for the three midterms I have this week, last week we had to perform the infamous male sensitive exam. If I didn't feel like a doctor before last week, I sure did as I left that exam room.

The male sensitive exam includes a genitalia and prostate exam. Last trimester (Tri 6), we were introduced to the male and female sensitive exams via videos, and were refreshed with the same videos plus some work on mannequins early last week. The videos and model work set a great foundation, but all that prep goes out of the window when you're facing your "patient."

The male sensitive exam is very important considering the growing incidences of prostate and testicular cancer. Testicular cancer can present in a patient as early as 15 years old, and if not caught early enough can lead to testicular removal or worse, metastasis.

The men in my family have a history of prostate cancer, so, as uncomfortable as it may be, I'll be having my prostate checked yearly from the age of 40 or 45. Yes, this may not be the most glorious of procedures to perform on patients, or have performed on you, but it can save lives.

The exam also taught us a lesson in professionalism. Anyone in this program down here in Florida will tell you, I'm the first person to crack a joke, or make a dumb comment, but as soon as I put my white coat on, its business time. Patients are put in a very vulnerable situation during this procedure, and it is of the utmost importance to be professional and courteous throughout. Next week will be time for the female sensitive exam; I hope to be just as professional then.


"Beers by the Bay" Benefit

Enough with the awkwardness. This past weekend, I had a great time at the Florida Aquarium, which hosted "Beers by The Bay," a beer and food tasting event for Oktoberfest that supported breast cancer awareness. Tampa is beginning to gain some credibility as a beer-brewing hub, and this event showcased over 150 different beers from several vendors, and had a plethora of food offered all throughout the aquarium.


I had to mix in some fun this weekend with all the studying I've been doing for midterms. All work and no beer, makes Dex a cranky boy. Anyway, I hope everyone's week goes well, and all the hard work you've put in for midterms pays off.

Catch everyone on the flip-side,