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Plainfield – Chiropractic Associate Physician Needed

Plainfield, IL
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Chiropractic Associate Physician
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Dr. Christopher Smith
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Plainfield Chiropractic Clinicis a multidisciplinary practice that has been established for 42 years in beautiful Plainfield IL.  We are looking for a Chiropractic Associate physician wanting to work in a multi-disciplinary environment that focuses on both a strong intuitive sense of the art of healing and a love of evidence based medicine.

We are looking for a self-motivated, confident, and team focused practitioner. This position is a great fit for a practitioner who loves treating patients and making a big impact on everyone’s life through health and healing. Our office is a fast pace state of the art office that continues to grow.

Our mission is to help people, not just get out of pain/discomfort, but achieving overall better health. We do this with chiropractic care, acupuncture, functional biomechanics, functional movement screening, lifestyle modification, nutritional counseling, supplementation, PEMF, biofeedback and mindfulness training. You will be working with a chiropractor that is very dynamic, results-oriented, friendly, and open to new ideas. This is a fun and supportive environment, we want our patients to feel like they had a “Disney experience”. From the moment they enter to the moment they leave they need to feel welcomed, listened to, taken care of and appreciated.


What You Will Be Doing/Role Description:
1. Providing holistic primary medical care for patients with a variety of medical conditions through chiropractic recommendations, acupuncture, along with diet and nutrition.

2. Perform appropriate medical intake & physical exams on patients

3. Educating patients about the importance of compliance & adhering to a program of visits to ensure the best possible health care outcomes

4. Recommend & explain to patients appropriate treatment plans for their condition

5. Documenting care utilizing Chirotouch Electronic Health Records system

6. Trained on utilizing digital x-ray Biokinemetrics

7. Give health talks once a month/ Assist in marketing events such as community dinners, advanced workshops, and patient appreciation days



*Accredited Licensed Chiropractic doctor

*Minimum of a Certificate in Acupuncture

*Computer savvy and able to maintain documentation via electronic medical records

*Strong oral communication skills with patients as well as other health care practitioners and administrative staff

*Experience with pediatrics through geriatric needs not required but preferred

*Time management skills: punctual for work and patient visit schedules


Email me if interested to talk about Salary/Bonus Structure/Benefits


Dr. Christopher Smith

Plainfield Chiropractic Clinic

[email protected]

15104 S. James St.

Plainfield IL 60544