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Mount Prospect-X-Ray and Processor for FREE!!!! (OFFER EXPIRES 12/20)

Mount Prospect
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Jeffrey Collins
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X-Ray and Processor  (FREE)

Summit x-ray machine 20 years old.  I realize it is not digital but it still takes great full spine x-rays and all other sizes as well.  It was inspected this year by the state of Illinois and the inspector said these are the best full spine x-rays she has seen.  I can prove that.  It can be upgraded to digital for $15,000.00.  At least you get to x-ray your patients.


I am giving this machine away for FREE.  I am finding the new graduates are buried in debt so if they can’t afford free then I give up.  After 45 years in practice it really concerns me that more chiropractors than ever do NOT x-ray each patient.  The local chain called The Joint does not.  I have gotten some of their patients and they ALL told me they liked that I x-rayed them.  Medical doctors rarely order x-rays of their patients with back pain.  I am amazed at what I have found with my full spine x-rays and that makes both me and the profession look good.  It also protects you from doing something you should not.


The Illinois Chiropractic Society stated a few months ago that only 10% of the Illinois public treats with a chiropractor.  When I finished Palmer 45 years ago that was the estimate as well so there has been little if any growth.  Now there are more chiropractors than ever creating even more competition.  The idea if the profession is to survive, is to be able to prove to the public, that you are not just “cracking backs” as you see more and more on Tik Tok.  Most of those videos make us look like idiots instead of chiropractic physicians.  We also have no standardization meaning if you go to 10 different chiropractors you can get 10 different approaches for the same condition creating even more confusion for the public.


I will ONLY allow this x-ray machine to be removed from my office by an x-ray company.  These machines are very heavy and someone could get hurt if not done correctly.  They will charge in the area of $1,400.00 and that will be paid to them (not me).  If nobody takes it then it ends up in a landfill and that would be a tremendous waste in my opinion.  So if you want to improve your professional image and protect yourself this be a great start otherwise you are working totally blind.

You can call my cell at 847-8676-8698.

This offer expires on December 20, 2023.