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Job Summary

The Chief Clinician for the Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Program at National University of Health Sciences Clinic is responsible for all clinical and educational operations of the Clinic and for implementation of the clinic program established by the Dean of Clinics. He/she is charged with the responsibility of the care and management of clinic patients and the clinical training of the interns.


  • To serve as the chief associate of the Dean of Clinics for the Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine program in the operation to which he/she is assigned.
  • To participate with the Dean of Clinics in developing both long- and short-range plans for meeting the Clinic Goals.
  • To assume responsibility for the leadership of the Clinic, not only in its day-to-day operation, but also in its function as an integral part of the University, particularly regarding the Mission and Goals.
  • To provide for the smooth operation of the Clinic to which they are assigned, through the use of the following techniques, and others as necessary and appropriate:
    • Serving as a model of professionalism to both Clinicians and Interns, as evidenced by exemplary conduct, dialogue and decorum.
    • Holding regularly scheduled staff meetings to:
    • Communicate Clinic Goals and Objectives as well as share any information received from other areas which may appropriately be of interest or may be of assistance in carrying out the clinical and academic functions of the clinic.
    • Involve faculty and staff in developing policies and procedures in support of the Mission of the University and the Clinic Goals and Objectives.
    • Engage in group problem solving as necessary.
  • Develop a vision regarding the Clinic’s role in meeting Goals and Objectives.
    • Foster the development of a team approach to both patient care and educational functions of the Clinic.
    • Serve as a coach and a resource to the team in all of its activities.
    • One‑on‑one interaction with faculty and staff.
    • Assist faculty and staff members in developing and attaining appropriate professional goals.
    • Evaluate individuals under their supervision, both formally and informally.
    • Serve as a resource in assisting faculty and staff to identify areas of professional.
    • Evaluate the staffing, support, and material needs of the clinic to which they are assigned and make appropriate recommendations to the Dean of Clinics.
    • Serve as a Budget Center Manager, with the responsibility to see that necessary supplies and equipment are available.
    • Carrying out all necessary administrative and reporting functions as required by University policy or assigned by the Dean of Clinics
    • To provide a sound clinical experience for interns in the Clinic to which they are assigned. This is accomplished primarily by the attending clinicians but remains the responsibility of the Chief Clinician.
    • Being available for service during the regularly scheduled clinic hours and at other times as necessary or as assigned by the Dean of Clinics.
    • Arranging for or personally providing coverage as necessary when clinicians are absent or unavailable for duty.
    • Scheduling and/or conducting appropriate in-service training for Interns and Clinicians.
    • Coordinating outreach activities for the clinic.
    • Contribute to the Mission of the University through regular participation in a variety of activities including:
      • Scholarly work
      • Research
      • Teaching
      • Committee service
      • Community involvement
    • Assist the Dean of Clinics in developing and marketing the services of the clinic.
    • Serve on University standing committees and/or ad hoc committees as assigned.



  • Masters Degree in AHM
  • A clear understanding of and dedication to the Mission of National University of Health Sciences
  • Illinois license to practice acupuncture
  • Five (5) years of experience in clinical practice


  • Experience in higher education
  • Evidence of a significant commitment to continuing education
  • Board certification in one or more areas

Application materials should include a complete Curriculum Vitae, unofficial transcripts, practicing license, three letters of recommendation, and a 2–3-page description of current and future goals, including separate sections on teaching goals, and professional contributions to the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion to [email protected]

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