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Chicago – Functional Medicine Practitioner – DC | DO | MD | NP

Physician Opportunity
Functional Medicine Practitioner - DC | DO | MD | NP
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Dr. Kathryn Gies
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Functional Medicine Practitioner
DC | DO | MD | NP

Part time/full time flexibility

Avant Wellness is a growing, physician-owned and operated clinic business serving individuals, families, and communities here in Chicago.

Dedicated to Whole Health and Natural Medicine, the physician and founder is an accomplished practitioner in the functional medicine model of care and serves a wide range of patient health needs. We are committed to building a more vibrant clinic business featuring both a patient-centered and a practitioner-supported culture and set of values.

The vision for the clinic business includes developing a team of highly competent and collaborative physicians, nutrition professionals, and integrative practitioners.

We are seeking an experienced healthcare professional with a strong background in Functional Medicine principles and a Whole Health and Natural Medicine approach to care. The ideal candidate will have previous experience practicing within a Functional Medicine Model.

Avant Wellness promotes health care that optimizes the various biological systems to work together in ideal harmony.

  • Immune System Function
  • Women’s Health and Hormones
  • Men’s Health and Vitality
  • Metabolic & Mitochondrial Health
  • Gastrointestinal Function
  • Biotransformation & Detoxification
  • Cardiovascular Health & Prevention
  • Musculoskeletal Management
  • Energy and Mood Balance
  • Sleep, Rest, and Rejuvenation

For a candidate wishing to advance their career, they will find an interactive and supportive clinical environment, support and opportunities for continuous learning, and an innovative approach to personalized patient care. This position is a unique opportunity to be a part of something progressive and energized.

The position is structured for an independent contractor. Avant Wellness supports flexible hours and provides the full support of practice management. This position will operate clinically within a hybrid practice of telemedicine and in-person visits.

Let’s discuss how this opportunity may be the right one for you.