Great Spontaneous Weekend

Hi, NUHS! 

It was Saturday, 3pm, watching some "Modern Family" with my girlfriend Ashley and just relaxing after a long midterm week for both of us. She had 6 tests and I had 5. Suddenly, her brother walks into the room and declares he's going to Detroit and has 2 free tickets to the Red Wings/Blackhawks game! Ashley and I looked at each other simultaneously and yelled, "We're in!" 

Danny was almost caught off guard by how quick we spontaneously made a decision to just drop what we were doing, get ready in less than an hour, and drive 5 hours that night to Detroit. If there was ever a time to say it, "YOLO!" You Only Live Once. 

I had never been into the great (kidding ;) state of Michigan so this was a great adventure for me if you know how much I love bucket list items! When I lived in New Jersey when I was younger I loved Steve Y and Brandon Shanahan (Red Wings) so I was even more excited to see the Wings and Hawks play. In addition, the Blackhawks were on a 21-game streak without a loss! Incredible! 


The three of us got to Danny's Gf's house just outside of Detroit late Saturday night and went out for drinks with some of their friends with some live music, which was a great time. There's something hilarious and exhilarating about waking up on a stranger's couch knowing you're about to have an awesome adventure-filled day! 

The hockey game was a well-played, hard skating game that peaked when the Blackhawks were down a goal on a power play with 2 minutes left. A big shot from the point redirected right onto the stick of the very skilled Patrick Kane who punched it in for an unlikely game tying goal and shocked the rowdy Joe Louis Arena. The game, to my pleasure, went into a shootout that once again featured the brilliant hands of Patrick Kane who finished a dirty move that catapulted the Blackhawks streak to 22 games without a loss in regulation!

To add to the shenanigans, Ashley and I even got interviewed between periods for Comcast Sports Network! I'll try to find the YouTube video for next week's post! 

Have a Great Week!

Party Like It's the 1980s

Hey National,

Hope everyone is having a great week! This week is my worst academic week so far this trimester: Chest radiology quiz on Monday, clinical nutrition quiz on Tuesday, psychopath midterm on Thursday, and Rehab and Botanicals 2 midterms on Friday. Yay (sarcasm lol). Overall, this 7th trimester hasn't been that bad yet, but this week will define the rest of the trimester so I'm going to ramp up the studying. I've been slacking on school studying lately as I've been putting all my time into old seminar notes studying! I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH people, if you've been reading this blog you understand how important it is to go to seminars.

If you were to ask me, "Hey Christian, what are the best things to learn at NUHS?"

My reply would be, "Learn how to 1) palpate any bone on anyone at anytime; 2) adjust any bone on anyone at anytime; and 3) muscle test any muscle on anyone at anytime."

Those are the highest value traits to have as a chiropractor. Think about it. You might be the smartest person in the world and be able diagnose every disease National teaches us. But if you can't adjust and treat--who would pay for a diagnosis if you can't treat? MDs can diagnose and they can at least give a drug (even if it doesn't work). DCs need to be able to diagnose AND TREAT. DCs need a unique combination of academic smarts and kinesthetic skills.

Chiropractic is a beautiful combination of science and art that treats the person in a holistic way few other doctors out there can boast. Learn the academics and build your clinic with your hands. The public doesn't know how smart we are coming out of National. They know chiropractors adjust "low backs." So, fix the stuff they "expect" you to, and BLOW THEIR MINDS with the education you get from National. Seriously, I've yet to come across someone who's been like, "Wow, you guys don't get enough education." Haha.


This past weekend featured the Frat/Sorority combined 80's Party! Each trimester, the frat and sorority muster up something creative and put on an event that is a refreshing change from the same ole' same ole'! This trimester featured a themed party in the NUHS gym decked out in 1980's décor. They had colorful balloons, 80's Pandora mix, spiked punch, Twister, 80's themed picture place, and some classic adult games. I want to congratulate my friends for putting together the hilarious decorations and plenty of balloon spin kicks (ask Kendall).

Be Awesome,

Why You Shouldn't Go on a Diet - The Anti-Diet

Dear NUHS, 

Hope everyone is having a great week and had a wonderful day off! This week I wanted to give you a little background on some things I've been thinking about and working on. It revolves around failing at getting people on diets (and eating healthy). Sound like something we might be doing in practice? 

Diet and Exercise. It's almost cliché. It's the answer to preventing and curing A LOT (if not most) of all the pathologies that will walk into our offices. Everybody and their grandmother's best friend's uncle once removed knows that diet and exercise is good for them. Even chiropractic students are poor eaters and don't exercise. This makes me mad. Not mad, but concerned. If we are supposed to help people live healthy lifestyles and most of the current student body doesn't eat or exercise as well as they should, what makes them think their patients will magically follow them? The rest of this post attempts to answer: WHYYY DOESN'TTT ANYONEEE DO IT?!?!?!?! 

Habits Make Perfect. Overhauls Make Failures. 

Baby Steps is to Walking, as Habits are to Long-Term Fitness/Health 

How did you learn to read and write? How did you learn to ride a bike? Step-by-Step. One skill built on top of the next. Think you can beat Lance Armstrong before you can take off the training wheels? It's going to take more than living strong buddy.... 

Let's imagine that every diet was created equal and could have incredible results if your patient stuck to it. A study found that even when patients were taking LIFE SAVING medicine they were only 50% likely to even take the SAVE THEIR LIVES. That pretty much screws us on fixing their diet and exercise regimes, right? Well, if you look at the problem like everyone else. If you're willing to look at their long-term goals instead of short term, then you can indeed fix it. Let me explain.

An overweight, pre-diabetic, syndrome X patient walks into your office. Clearly, adjusting isn't fixing this one. They need diet and exercise. You put them on a diet and exercise program that they start. Two-three weeks later, they are down 10 lbs., feel great, and their cholesterol is naturally dropping. AWESOME. They are satisfied everything is working and their initial enthusiasm waxes and wanes and suddenly, boom, they fall off the wagon. Sound familiar? Why?

Take a step back and ask what you are asking them to do. You are asking them to change A LOT more than just the food they put in their mouth. You are asking them to change how they SHOP, prepare food, pack their lunch, eat breakfast (which could be a sleep habit change too!), and even change some social situations (like learning how to order healthier options), and many people may have to learn to cook. Wow. Now do you see why the simple answer of diet and exercise has a long-term success rate of about 2%? You can't fix the patient without actually affecting their HABITS. That's the answer.


My Answer: "Do you brush your teeth and wear your seatbelt?"

Them: "Yes. Why?"

Me: "Well, those are considered HEALTHY, but you didn't learn to do that in one day. You developed those HABITS over days, weeks, months, years, and now you don't even notice or think about doing them. They are just a part of your life."

Habitual Evolution 

So, the answer to how to increase the reliability, effectiveness, success rate of your diet and exercise program is to develop habits that evolve your patient's lives. Everyone I've ever interviewed that was a healthy eater consistently, was:

  1. NOT on an "official diet." (They may have started on one, but have tweaked it for their needs and preferences to make it work. Key.)
  2. had educated themselves consistently on the benefits of healthy eating and become knowledgeable. (This helps them reinforce their habits with validation.)
  3. had learned how to shop for healthy food.
  4. had incorporated these habits CONSISTENTLY over a period of time until it became second nature!

Get Started Right Meow! 5 Habits That Change Lives!

  1. Eat 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up.
  2. Eat a handful of veggies with every meal.
  3. Stop eating white colored foods: bread, milk, rice, sugar.
  4. Don't drink calories: only water and teas.
  5. Get 8 hours of sleep/night.

When and How to Start a Habit (and When to Advance) 

  1. ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, choose 1 habit at a time. Period. Simple is king to long-term wins.
  2. ONLY choose a habit if you are a "9" on a confidence scale of 1-10 that you will do this habit for 2 weeks.
  3. ONLY ADVANCE to pick another habit once you've done either the current habit every day for 2 weeks or you are confidant 9/10 you can take on the next one. If you miss a day, ADD 3 more days to your 2-week period to complete the habit. The key is to incorporate the habit so much that it becomes second nature.
  4. DOWNLOAD the 'LIFT' app on your Iphone. You can add a habit to your app and then every day you do it, you can click on the check mark and it automatically tracks your results. I LOVE THIS APP AND IT'S FREE. Do it.


Well, that should get you on your way to winning the game of long-term health! Remember: It's not about 30-day diet compliance, it's "in 30 years will you still be eating healthy and exercising?" Focus on habits and the big picture for true disease prevention.

Peace out cub scouts,

My Hero Emailed Me - Tim Ferriss

Hey National, 

Hope everyone is having a great week! I've got some awesome news for you! Tim Ferriss, author of the New York Times Best Seller's 4 Hour Work Week, 4 Hour Body, and 4 Hour Chef  contacted me and asked me to post a guest post on his million subscriber blog this upcoming spring. I contacted Tim a few months ago about a clinical case study I did on myself a long time ago here at NUHS. With Dr. Anderson supervising the blood tests and my file at the clinic, I proceeded to gain 20 lbs. of lean mass in 30 days and have some pretty fun before/after pictures. The results were quite astonishing and Mr. Ferriss wanted to chronicle my "study" on his blog. 

This has prompted some thinking on my end. Starting a personal blog. Why? Consider the amount of readers about to read this guest post (which will probably go up in early April); it would be a shame to waste that level of traffic with no way of leveraging them. If I had a blog and or some supplements I would be able to maximize the opportunity to possibly start a little side business, which is on my bucket list. 

This is a double-pronged activator head attachment made by a fellow student at National.

I emailed a few designers and have gotten quotes on designing a custom Wordpress theme, but the price is a little steep and I'm considering using free "plug-n-play" type software. 

I'm also considering getting that superfood formula I blogged about the last week manufactured as the results of that formula have been phenomenal so far! 

I'll keep you updated on the shenanigans that will follow. :) As for National, it was a pretty slow week with tests starting to trickle on the docket. 

Be Easy,

Business Planning - Want to Own a Practice?

Hey National, 

Hope everyone's week is going well. Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for their Super Bowl win, I don't enjoy typing that as a Patriots fan, but give respect where respect is due. 

2013 is flying by so far and Midterms will be starting next week. I'm trying to get into Midterm mode but I've been heavily distracted outside of NUHS activities and I need to get down to the grind. 


In case you're a new or prospective student to NUHS, they offer a few businesses classes built into the curriculum. Why is that important? Well, as a future DC you will wear multiple hats. One, as a doctor, and one as a businessperson. The best doctor in the world who doesn't know how to run an office or get a business loan will never treat patients! Most people hate the business classes because they didn't choose to go to business school; they chose medical school. Sooner or later, they come to their senses, and most likely later will thank NUHS for at least teaching basic business groundwork. 

I'm currently in Tri 7's Business Planning Class. This class has a host of speakers (so far) who lecture us on various aspects of running a DC office: Insurance coverage, financial statements, your practice "vision" and how to work that backwards, how to approach a bank with a business plan and get a loan, etc.

Over the coming weeks we have a business plan project assignment and we will have to do exactly what we as future private practice owners will have to go through. In other words, if we take it seriously we could have a great leg up on what we hope to do in real life--a truly valuable experience, and one that will undoubtedly help us weed out the mistakes as a student when they don't matter as much!

Be Well,