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Skunk Smell

Skunk Smell: How to fix it in 30 minutes for $5!

Hey National,

Hope everyone had a great week.

This past Saturday my roommate's dog, Fox, had a showdown with a skunk! Fox lost. Ha ha. We were watching a movie when all of the sudden we heard a horrible shriek and almost instantly smelled the WORST smell ever! Skunkasaurus Rex and Peppy Le Pew had sprayed the dog!               

What does one do at 1am when your dog smells like death and you have no experience? Glad you asked. This post will answer that question for you and prepare you for Operation Stinky.


After a quick Google search, "Dog and Skunk Smell," we found the following protocol that worked and only cost $5 and about 30 minutes to complete! 

Step 1: Go to grocery store and buy:

  • 2 pints of Hydrogen Peroxide ($3)
  • 1/3 cup baking soda ($1)
  • 4 teaspoons of Dawn ($1)

Step 2: Mix in a bucket with old sponge.

Step 3: Vigorously rub mixture into dog's coat (OUTSIDE! Never let the dog inside!).

Step 4: Let sit for 4 minutes.

Step 5: Use a hose to wash off concoction.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 until dog doesn't smell anymore.

Step 7: Use old towel and dry off dog.

You're DONE! 30 minutes! It took us 3 times to get the smell out and the dog was really obedient, which helped us try to keep it out of his eyes so it didn't burn!

Note 1: Fox didn't smell for a day but for some reason the following day, after brushing his coat he started smelling a bit again. So another application and he was as good as new!

Note 2: Do this as soon as possible--the longer the skunk's chemical exposure to the dog, the harder it is to get out of the coat!

Hope this will help in the event this unfortunate thing happens to your doggy! (or child!)


JMU and Chicago Bucket List

Hey, Everyone! 

This past Memorial Day weekend my best friends and college roommates came to visit me in Chicago! They got in on Friday and we rounded up an epic weekend bucket list of items we wanted to cross off before they left on Monday. They've never been to Chicago and may never have a chance to come back so we wanted to do a fun mix of touristy and shenanigan-filled adventures.

2012-05-31_friendsOur List Looked Something Like this:

  • Visit the Bean
  • Navy Pier
  • Eat Gino's East deep dish pizza
  • Ride the Metra and L
  • See a White Sox Game (the Cubs weren't in town)
  • Go to Wrigley (to at least see the historic stadium)
  • Go to North Ave. Beach on the 97º Sunday and swim
  • Laugh copious amounts
  • Bonfire and catch up on life
  • Smoke a Cuban cigar (my friend gave me one)
  • Watch the Celtics game 7 and eat bar food in Wrigleyville
  • Go right next to the Sears Tower and look straight up
  • Go to a Redneck Party (my friend was hosting one)
  • Reminisce about old JMU shenanigans

WHEW! We were EXHAUSTED come Monday morning… So much traveling (we don't believe in cabs)... So much walking... So much FUN! My stomach hurt from laughing so much. It was a great weekend and definitely filled my "JMU friends" tank as I hadn't seen these characters in 13 months and they are like my brothers after living together all 4 years of college. Fun Fact: Luke was my random assigned roommate freshman year and Faraaz was our suitemate. Total Chance. I'm very thankful for meeting great people and having them as friends years later.


NEVER, NEVER, NEVER TAKE TYLENOL AFTER DRINKING. NEVER. The liver needs to use the same enzymes to break down both the alcohol and the drug and it can cause the liver cells to lyse (think: blow up/die) and that is BAD! Tens of THOUSANDS of people are hospitalized because of Tylenol toxicity yearly and this can be PREVENTED with a little education. So, I'm doing my part. If you really need to relieve that hangover headache take IBUPROFEN, it's easier on the liver. NEVER TYLENOL. Unless, in Dr. McRae's words, "You want your liver to look like chocolate pudding at autopsy." Yeah, how's that for a visual! HA HA.

Peace out Lions,
Christian the Lion