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Happy Easter Egg Hunting

Hey National, 

Twelve weeks down. Three to go! Time on the grind is in full mode from here on out. Thankfully, Easter was a little early this year and allowed a nice weekend of some celebration, fun, and poor eating choices to gear up for the stresses of finals. 

Being from Boston, weekend holidays are pretty tough to get home to see the family, financially and time-wise. I spent Easter weekend with my girlfriend's family in the local area. Her brother and his girlfriend came home from college and added to the fun shenanigans. A couple weeks ago, Ashley's mom mentioned she planned on a dinner and asked if we wanted to do anything else. I, being a true kid at heart, suggested EASTER EGG HUNT! To my happiness, she rolled with the idea and went next level creative on that hunt! The rules were we had 6 eggs carefully hidden in the backyard so at least part of the egg was showing (my grandpa is notorious for completely burying eggs so this was a nice positive). We came to find that each egg had a piece of paper with a word on it. We had to find all 6 eggs, open up all the pieces of paper inside and put them in a sentence. Mine read: GO TO THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM. I almost peed my pants leaping across the house to the bathroom (get it ;). I busted open the door to find a wonderful Easter basket! I wasn't sure what to expect but an Easter basket was above and beyond what I expected and I was elated, along with my blood sugar, as I consumed some delicious chocolate and thanked Ash's family for such a great holiday. 


On a school note, I attended a Gonstead adjusting seminar off campus. Dr. S was the instructor and as usual for my readers of this blog, if you aren't going to seminars, don't come to chiropractic school. You're wasting your time. As abruptive as I can be: School will prepare you to become a licensed doctor--a pretty good doctor, but not a Great doctor. You need to learn from the best and practice a ton to be the best, assuming you want to be a great doctor, of course. (Sadly, there are plenty of people that don't know who you are). The one big knock I have on National is they don't expose their students to enough techniques. Why should they choose what techniques from our rich Chiropractic history that we should get taught? Shouldn't we be taught most of them and then choose which ones we like the best and want to integrate into our tool bag? Just my humble opinion. As usual, there's a way around this fault by just going to outside seminars and seeing for yourself! Problem solved! Boom. Hope you have a great week, email me with any questions. 

For starters look into AK, Gonstead, MPI, Functional Rehab (SFMA/FMS), DNS, Nutrition, Sports Rehab, Homeopathy, TBM, etc. Have fun future docs. 

Well, that's it for me this week. See, National isn't all work and no play? It's for people that work hard and play hard. 

Stay Classy,