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Last Blog of the Tri (Crazy Semester in Review)

Hey NUHS, 

As always, hope everyone had a great week. The last weekend featured a nice seminar from Dr. David Renner, the 3rd seminar in the 100-hr AK certification. The seminar went over neurological disorganization, acupuncture, thyroid, cranial faults, and a few others. I highly recommend all new NUHS students to come check out AK club and see if it's something for you! Shameless Plug: I'll be teaching next trimester (along with Jordan Bray if he can swing it from clinic shift). AK material I've learned in seminars is completely unique and different from what is taught at this school and has completely changed the way I practice and given me extra confidence to treat literally anything that walks through my door. 

Getting back to my routine trimester review. If you've been reading the blog for a while you know I have generally taken an objective look back at the trimester and tried to figure out what I did well and what I stunk it up at! I give myself self-imposed 'grades' for each section. 


Classes (Grade: C+) 

This trimester was a little daunting class-wise for a couple reasons. Heading into final exams I have Bs in all my classes except Chest which I bombed the midterm. I have to do really well on the final (which is supposed to be a lot easier) to pass Chest. I'm not too worried though. The tough part has been that by the time you get to the end of Trimester 7, you're body has been beaten through literally years of exams, tests, practicals, research, and papers. It's a grind folks, and you'll find the majority of classmates saying, "I just want to pass" by this trimester and "get me to clinic." For incoming students, don't be alarmed, you are becoming DOCTORS, not technicians or undergraduate bachelor's, you have someone's health in your hands post-NUHS so I'm glad at the same time we get inundated with education. My tip for the faculty and the administration is: CUT OUT THE CRAP and POLITICS and ADD in some more passion (and faster Internet)! But I digress.

Seminars (Grade: A-) 

I attended the Spine 2 seminar taught by the incredible, Dr. Tim Francis. Dr. Francis is truly a ray of light and an entirely rare and unique type of doctor. The guy fixes all sorts of conditions that typical chiropractors and MDs don't even fix or manage well. I loved all the material he presented and learned a ton for my own skills. The reason it's not an A is that there were some 100-hr AK seminars I wanted to attend but didn't have enough money for, so I stayed home and studied the material they were being taught on my own and got the notes. Remember, kids, there's always more than one way to skin a cat and even if you don't have the money you should still be hunting down the people that have taken the seminar and get their notes to learn! I did this with my friends that took TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) golf certification and got the notes to a $900 seminar. Does that mean I'm certified? No. Does that mean I know how to treat golfers much better now? Yes. 

I'm sorry if this post sounded like I'm exhausted, I am. I cannot wait for break. I'll be back in full force and energy after break for an epic summer session. I've got some really fun material pumping out for you that includes How to Learn to Play Guitar! 

Peace out until Summer Session! 


Francis Seminar Weekend

Hey, National! 

Hope everyone had a great 2nd week of classes. I can't believe it's already week 3. 2013 is off to a speedy start! 

On the campus front, we had a great turnout for AK club in week one, in fact, the largest club attendance (to my knowledge) in the history of AK club. The fun spin on this trimester with the club is that I'm teaching! My goals for teaching are to bring a lot of energy to club, lots of goofy laughs, and, most importantly, to keep it incredibly applicable to their current chiropractic/treatment knowledge focusing on a few things each week they can improve on. 

To be certified in Applied Kinesiology you need to have a 100-hour class certification. It's 7 seminars (1 per month) over the course of usually 2 trimesters. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GO TO AK. It changed my chiropractic career and has opened up treatment and patient possibilities I never thought I'd be able to treat. Many don't know this, but I was full Motion Palpation gung-ho for the first couple trimesters until an AK doc treated me. I was so blown away I immediately knew that I was meant to do this and devoted the rest of the time in this school and career to being the best doc I can be with this technique (and adding some more techniques such as TBM, NET, TK, DNS, FMS, Homeopathy). Yes, you can do it if you're serious. 

The past weekend was an advanced AK seminar, SPINE 2. Dr. Francis teaches this seminar and he was in rare form all weekend showing us the newest techniques! Nobody on the planet had seen what he showed us this weekend so I feel very blessed and privileged to see how he is incorporating muscle testing with chiropractic, Chinese medicine, and homeopathy to heal various pathologies and sub-clinical diseases both MSK and internal.

Making Oso Buco... YUMMM!

Lastly, I've been learning to become a better cook with Tim Ferriss' new book The 4 Hour Chef  (check it out on Amazon, fantastic read)!


Level of Consciousness and Human Behavior

Hey National,

Hope everyone's week is going well. We are smack in the middle of our mid-term "season" at school and everyone is slurping coffees and drowning in information. Boom! What a perfect time to look at human behavior and tell you about a little book about Human Behavior. A book, that after reading has basically changed the way I look at life in some respects.

Power vs. Force, authored by Dr. David Hawkins MD, PhD, looks at human behaviors, emotions, and life view in terms of levels of consciousness. To Hawkins, who studied with the pioneer of behavioral kinesiology, John Diamond, MD, PhD, each level of consciousness (which we'll call LOC for simplicity) correlates with different emotions. The scale is 0-1000; 200 representing neutrality. Anything calibrating at 200 or below is a DESTRUCTIVE attractor and anything above is CONSTRUCTIVE. 

Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions.

Not surprisingly, Peace, Joy, and Love calibrate at 600, 540 and 500 respectively. Whereas Fear, Grief and Guilt calibrate at 100, 75, and 30! Wow! Enlightenment, where the true great people of the world have resonated such as Mother Teresa and Gandhi calibrate at 700+. It's amazing to take a step back and see what's going on in this world and to understand all the negative things that are happening to our country and our planet. According to Hawkins, our LOCs have dropped below 200 (neutrality) and destructive tendencies have been allowed to happen all over our country. Just watch the news, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see we are in a bad pattern of emotional health and it shows with our human behavior.

The extent of this book is fairly large and difficult for me to comprehend all the time but I do know it's been an interesting read, and just reading it has increased my awareness and consciousness. I encourage you, if you're interested in this sort of thing, to Google "Power vs. Force PDF" and check it out for yourself. As the old philosophy teachers used to say, "Don't believe me; go try it for yourself!"

Improve The Impact of Your Writing in 3 Minutes

In theme with my writings, I always try to have a take-away piece of information that can better your lives in some way. Here's an interesting list of words. The impact of words and language has been well documented and studied for thousands of years. Interestingly enough, Dr. Hawkins has compiled the list of words below. The words on the left of each column are words that calibrate above 200 and therefore have more power, whereas the words on the right calibrate below 200 and are therefore destructive. According to Hawkins, just reading this list will impact your life.

I found that reading the list was extremely interesting as it made me uneasy reading the right column, but I highly enjoyed reading the left column. These feelings and emotions brought out by reading each word can IMPACT your writing. Every time someone reads what you are writing or saying they can either have a positive or negative impact or impression. Choose the left and you'll find your vocabulary and life becomes more powerful.  

Accepting - Rejecting

Admitting - Denying

Aesthetic - Artsy

Agreeable - Condescending

Allowing - Controlling

Appreciative - Envious

Approving - Critical

Attractive - Seductive

Authoritative - Dogmatic

Aware - Preoccupied

Balanced - Extreme

Beautiful - Glamorous

Being - Having

Believing - Insisting

Brilliant - Clever

Candid - Calculating

Carefree - Frivolous

Challenged - Impeded

Charitable - Prodigal

Cheerful - Manic

Cherishing - Prizing

Choosing-to - Having-to

Civil - Formal

Concerned - judgmental

Conciliatory - Inflexible

Confident - Arrogant

Confronting - Harassing

Conscious - Unaware

Considerate - Indulgent

Constructive - Destructive

Contending - Competing

Courageous - Reckless

Defending - Attacking

Democratic - Dictatorial

Detached - Removed

Determined - Stubborn

Devoted - Possessive

Diplomatic - Deceptive

Doing - Getting

Educating - Persuading

Egalitarian - Elitist

Empathetic - Pitying

Encouraging - Promoting

Energetic - Agitated

Enlivening - Exhausting

Envisioning - Picturing 

Equal - Superior

Erotic - Lustful

Essential - Apparent

Eternal - Temporal

Ethical - Equivocal

Excellent - Adequate

Experienced - Cynical 

Fair - Scrupulous

Fertile - Luxuriant

Flexible - Rigid

Forgiving - Resenting

Free - Regulated

Generous - Petty

Gentle - Rough

Gifted - Lucky

Giving - Taking

Global - Local

Gracious - Decorous

Grateful - Indebted

Harmonious - Disruptive

Healing - Irritating

Helpful - Meddling

Holistic - Analytic

Honest - Legal

Honoring - Enshrining

Humble - Diffident 59

Humorous - Somber

Impartial - Righteous

Ingenious - Scheming

Inspired - Mundane

Intentional - Calculating

Intuitive - Literal

Inventive - Prosaic

Inviting - Urging

Involved - Obsessed 

Joyful - Pleasurable

Just - Punitive

Kind - Cruel

Leading - Coercing

Liberating - Restricting

Long-term - Immediate

Loyal - Chauvinistic

Open - Secretive

Optimistic - Pessimistic

Orderly - Confused

Outgoing - Reserved

Merciful - Permissive

Modest - Haughty

Natural - Artificial

Noble - Pompous

Nurturing - Draining

Observant - Suspicious 

Patient - Avid

Patriotic - Nationalistic

Peaceful - Belligerent

Polite - Obsequious

Powerful - Forceful

Praising - Flattering

Principled - Expedient

Privileged - Entitled

Prolific - Barren

Purposeful - Desirous

Receiving - Grasping

Releasing - Tenacious

Reliant - Dependent

Requesting - Demanding

Respectful - Demeaning

Responsible - Guilty

Satisfied - Sated

Selective - Exclusive

Serene - Dull

Serving - Ambitious

Sharing - Hoarding

Significant - Important

Sober - Intoxicated

Spontaneous - Impulsive

Spiritual - Materialistic

Steadfast - Faltering

Striving - Struggling

Surrendering - Worrying

Tender - Hard

Thoughtful - Pedantic

Thrifty - Cheap

Timeless - Faddish

Tolerant - Prejudiced

Tractable - Contrary

Trusting - Gullible

Truthful - False

Unifying - Dividing

Unselfish - Selfish

Valuing - Exploitive

Virtuous - Celebrated

Warm - Feverish 

With much love and curiosity for what the world offers,


Dr Roselle Seminar - Integrated Medicine and Personal Development

Hey, everyone!

Hope the ladies and gents reading this had a great week and are ready for a great fall season! The weather is starting to demand jeans and a sweatshirt here in Chicago, and I'm pretty excited for changing of the leaves, football, sweet potatoes (which I loaded with butter last night!), and crisp air.

2012-09-25_roomiesI attended a day-long seminar last Saturday put on by Thomas Roselle, DC. The seminar was how to build an integrated medicine practice, all cash, and how the professions work together, as well as some gems from Dr. Roselle at the end of the day lecturing on personal development, marketing, practice building, and how to handle relationships.

A quick background: Dr. Roselle is one of the best doctors in the U.S., and he is a National grad! He has built an 800 patient visits a week ALL CASH practice in the Washington D.C., area with 27 employees that include MDs, DCs, acupuncturists, personal trainers, massage therapists, nutritionists, and supporting staff. HOLY awesome Batman! Dr. Roselle has basically done what NUHS is trying to do, effectively put a team of CAM practitioners together on a patient case and get paid for their time, as well as communicate for the best patient outcome. Needless to say, I was all ears and have lots of notes on how he built this fantastic practice.

Dr. Roselle embodies the doctor that I want to become because he has so many treatment tools and is truly "integrated" himself. He is now an AK doc that has a couple diplomates in nutrition and hundreds of hours in acupuncture and functional medicine. This is exactly what I am working at currently. He told us the story of how he hated AK while going to NUHS because he didn't understand it, and the school isn't exactly "AK friendly." Then he was shown some neat things and the results they got while in clinic and he began learning AK and acupuncture and nutrition and the like. Fast forward 35+ years in practice and this guy can fix the weird of the weird. He gets results way past the typical chiropractor's results because he integrates multiple professions to provide a more complete treatment of his patients. READ: Not everyone's problems are purely structural - shocker, I know!

For instance, Dr. Roselle was featured on MTV's "True Life" and essentially had a "doctor off" against the top allergy MD in the country. They each had a young teenager who could literally only eat 5 foods or would go into anaphylactic shock and was in the hospital 5 days a week before seeing Dr. Roselle. Dr. Roselle utilized his AK and Gonstead adjusting, balanced acupuncture meridians, functionally treated the gut with naturopathy principles, gave adrenal support, and then did some of his non-AK treatments to desensitize the patient to the allergens. The beautiful thing about this is it can be all done by a chiropractor trained in AK.

The paradigm that he talks about, one that is established in AK, is treating a patient from the Structural, Emotional, and Biochemical levels. A triangle of treatment that approaches the patient in a holistic and integrated manner. We get these things at National, but NUHS is still working on putting them all together for the students, which is why I love learning from Dr. Roselle because he's put it together.

So how did it work out?

Dr. Roselle's patient after a year of care can now eat almost anything (no McDonald's haha) and now is well enough to go to college and go on to lead a normal life. The MD's patient unfortunately still battles the food allergies and is still trying to work on adding foods into his life without going into shock. The MD thinks it's all in their "head." To that I proud to be a chiropractor. The things you will be able to do, provided you go to extra seminars and clubs is truly fantastic. If you want some more of this stuff, go to AK club on Fridays at noon in the adjusting labs. 


Super Bowl and an AK Seminar

Super Bowl

What heartbreak. In case you didn't know. I'm from the Boston area, about 20 minutes from Foxborough, home of the Patriots' stadium. I've been a die hard Patriots fan since I moved to New England in 2000. I've ridden the ups (meteoric Super Bowl rises) and downs (Brady's ACL surgery...2007...gulp).

To be honest, being a Patriots' fan has been an absolute blast and we've been spoiled like an only child for a decade. Five Super Bowl appearances in 11 years? Come on. That's like a Madden video game on franchise mode when you start trading your draft picks for All-Pro players. Video game analogies aside, I was ready to cheer for our 4th Lombardi Trophy and cement the organization as one of the best in professional sports history.

In case you were one of the 100 people in America that didn't watch or hear the final score of the game, we lost (big sad face, cough, hold back the tear...). I won't comment further, it's too painful. It felt like I relived my nightmare from the exact same scenario in 2007 when we left 4 minutes on the clock only to watch helplessly as Eli Manning drove down the field on the worst defense in the league and beat us like old puppets.


On to a lighter subject! The second Applied Kinesiology seminar (of the 7 to get certified) was this weekend and Dr. Francis was on his game again! I've NEVER been to a seminar where literally every word out of his mouth was a 'clinical pearl.' I've been to the best MPI seminars and seen world-class doctors talk. Nothing against them, I loved those seminars, too, but they only look at structure and can't really treat internal stuff. I love the internal stuff and the structural stuff, so finding something like AK to treat them both at the same time has been a godsend.

Realize that AK doesn't get a great rap at school simply because nobody understands what the heck it is. Really--ask someone to explain AK. No one can give you an accurate answer. We don't teach it here but other schools I've spoken with are REQUIRED to take the 100-hour certification. I thought that was enlightening.

Opinions aside, after this seminar I now know how to treat:

  • TMJ
  • adrenal issues
  • thyroid issues
  • fixations
  • gait
  • carpal tunnel
  • tarsal tunnel
  • compaction and sprain strain injuries
  • skin disorders
  • nutritional deficiencies, and
  • the list goes on.

At the end of the day, I don't care WHAT you do. I care that you find SOMETHING you're passionate about that's above the standard NUHS curriculum--own it and get good at it. You owe it to your profession and you owe it to your patients. Treat them how you want to be treated and that's all you could ask for on this earth. 

Hope everyone's week goes well :) 


- CC