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Goodbye 2012 - My Last Post Before the World Ends

Season's Greetings, NUHS! 

This is my last post before the end of the world! Ha ha, what a joke. It's not going to end; I'm 99.9999% positive! Kidding aside, let's review Trimester 6 and take an annual look at the progress through school.   

A Tri 6 Look in the Mirror

  • Passed Part 1 board (see previous posts for how I did that in 10 days of studying)
  • Got over a few health problems
  • Took 4 seminars
  • Found and learned to build a website on the side for some random business ideas and my future practice website 

Learned a lot in school, but I am totally ready to be done with this trimester. I've really enjoyed the 6th trimester classes with Phys Dx and functional rehab being my favorites. Tumors, the evil class of Tri 6, is kicking our whole tris' butts. Half the class is failing a 2-credit class that most of us won't be doing. I think there's a disconnect in the curriculum with this class. I think we absolutely should know this information but most of the class shouldn't fail especially because we aren't oncologists or expected to be. If we see the weird masses on X-ray, you can bet your change purse I'm calling someone who does cancer for a living to get a second opinion. From what I've heard from recent grads, just being trained well enough and smart enough to do that usually puts us in a good professional position with the MDs, which is ultimately the goal of this school's president. I digress.

Our bonfire in the backyard, a little red wine, and study break before finals. :)

My Annual Report Card

This is the second one I've done on this blog! 

School: Grade: B-

This was about my average grade here at National over the past year. It's no all-star but I'm learning the information that is important and getting by on the stuff that is "luxury knowledge."

Outside Fun: Grade: A-

We don't get too many opportunities to go into the city, but when I've gotten the chance with friends, it's been an absolute blast. Jet skiing in Lake Michigan and overlooking the city skyline probably top my fun list.

Seminars: Grade: A

I have definitely benefited greatly from seminars, to the tune that it seems like every post I write. I hope my readers don't hate reading it but--you NEEEEEDDDD TO GOOOO TOOO SEMINARS TO BE A GOOD CHIROPRACTOR. National literally doesn't teach you enough about being a chiropractor in the real world. The seminars give you extra skills, techniques, and put it all together for you so that you're not lost to how to put together progression of treatments for patients past just "getting them out of pain." National is going to give you a phenomenal base and a degree but like most things in life, academia can't do everything for you; you have to strive to be better if you want your clinical batting average to be high! And who spends 150k and 4 years of their life to just be "a pretty good doc." I digress again!

2013 and Beyond

I've been thinking extremely hard about the decision to stay full track in Phase 2 of clinical. I've done full tris in 5 and 6, and I'm exhausted from the workload and 9 seminars. I'm signed up for 6 seminars next trimester. I literally don't think I can do 6 seminars and a full track 7th trimester and still pass all my classes with the knowledge I hope to absorb from each class/seminar. So, I think this might be my official announcement I'll be slowing down just a tad.

Why? At the end of the day you have to look at what's right for you and what you want. I want to open a practice right after graduation, so I've prepared through school differently from the rest of the student body that plans on starting with seminars after they graduate and then working for someone else for a few years. When I graduate, it's literally just me on my own so I've tried to go to as many seminars and take the time to figure out how to treat everything and anything that walks into my office. I owe a huge thank you to Tim Francis, DC, and his 100-hr+ AK seminar training. That course literally changed my view of medicine and changed my life for the better. Thank you, Dr. Francis, for showing me what's possible in this profession with our hands. :)

Slowing down has also opened a few opportunities that I've been planning on for a while but have had no time to extrapolate them. One is a supplement idea I've been working on, and another is tutoring adjusting and putting together mini seminars on Saturdays for younger students looking to learn more.

I also am really excited about working with my friend, Kim, who's turning pro as a golfer and has had bad back pain. She said if I fix her, she will tell her tour friends. That's like a dream come true for a golf fanatic like me! Ha ha.

The world is full of fun and possibilities!

Stay Passionate,