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How to Budget the Income Needed for Your PERFECT Lifestyle

Hey National!


Hope everyone had a great and relaxing break with your loved ones. I spent the break back in my hometown (just outside Boston) with family and high school friends, and overall had a fantastic break. I got to spend a lot of time with my siblings (3), which means a lot to me because I'm always away and I'm the oldest one. I enjoy seeing what they are up to and how they've grown and if I can help them in any way I can. This included a bunch of high-speed mobilizations. ;) 


Tri 7

After going full track for the last 4 trimesters and 15 seminars I was burning out a bit and decided to drop 2 classes below full load to give myself a break this trimester and stretch 7th and 8th trimester into 3 trimesters so I can focus on more seminar information and implementing that into my treatment skills heading into clinic. I dropped PT Modalities and Advanced Diagnosis, which were 6.5 credits total. I'm currently taking all 7th Tri classes at 21.5 credits. The Good News: After 6th Trimester, you've made it through all the hard classes!! From my understanding, 7th Trimester is just a ton of paper work but the actual difficulty of material is behind you, so it is a different animal.

For Fun

Over break I was re-reading the Four Hour Work Week  by Timothy Ferriss and how to calculate the monthly income needed to live your dream lifestyle. Ferriss insists you can live an incredible life with an unremarkable income as long as you plan accordingly. Tim describes some of his most incredible adventures like yabusame (horseback archery in Japan), world class tango dancing, skydiving, and driving a Aston Martin can all be done on an average income. Of course, the book talks about making a 'muse' business or a business that can be set up (preferably on the web) to run automatically and ideally generate enough revenue to offset the costs of your incredible adventures. I've been working on some side projects to one day to be able to do this simply because I enjoy entrepreneurship and expanding my brainpower.

How does this relate to you as a chiro? Well, we can calculate how much we need to make to live however we want!

Lifestyle Exercise: 10 mins

First print out this template:

After Med School Graduation I Dream of: 

A: Having… (Cost/Month or One Time Cost*)

  1. Ipad ($600*)
  2. A golf course membership ($2500*)
  3. 350 Z Nissan Coupe ($400/month)
  4. Mountain Bike ($700*)

B: Being… (Steps) 

  1. A great doc
    (Go to advanced seminars. Contact local docs and get mastermind group to meet on a bi-weekly basis to bounce ideas and refine clinical skills.)
  2. Break even par on the golf course
    (Track my golf scores and identify weakest areas. Contact the head golf pro at my golf course and ask for some tips. Practice on areas as needed.)
  3. Play Guitar
    (Search a bunch of guitar playing ebooks and identify the best practices to start for a beginner and then spend consistent 30 min a night to decompress after work.)
  4. Top Blogger
    (Develop great content for things I'm interested in and reach out to top blogs for guest posts and start building a subscriber list. Read some top books on writing well. Interview bloggers that have done it before.)

C: Doing... (Cost/Steps to Complete) 

  1. Start a successful Practice
    (Put together a serious business plan while in school. I'm doing this right now in 7th tri! Modify it and refine it through your clinic trimesters before graduation. Estimated $35,000 to start.)
  2. Skydiving ($500)
  3. Network with and meet super interesting people (Start reaching out to people with business, practices that are successful, and set up mastermind group or invite for coffee, interview, drinks, etc).
  4. Visit Europe ($100 in fees after I redeem the miles on my travel card. Plus say $2,000 in travel and living and eating expenses.) 

Now, you can take this as a ridiculous exercise or a serious one. Basically it's designed to give you an idea that you can really live the life you want. All the things that would make me incredibly excited and fulfilled can be achieved for this example (all things added up) = $71,400 or $5,950 a month! 

That number is highly exaggerated, too, because that includes buying a sports car, start costs of a private practice, and vacationing 2 weeks in Europe, along with skydiving, golf membership, and a top tier mountain bike all in one year.

Obviously, you don't have to start a practice and buy a car every year! If this was an ongoing year it might be closer to $1,100 a month! Plus rent/mortgage, food, bills.

The exercise is just to get you to say, "What if I could…"

That means a much more interesting life :)


Wrapping Up 5th Tri

Hello Ladies and Germs, 

This is my last blog of 5th Tri. I am soooooooo pumped to be done. I get bored easily, and after 10 weeks into a tri I'm looking for a fresh class. Final exams are horrible in 5th Tri (and most other tris) because we have 8 in 4 days next week. Caffeine anyone?

One of the things I've been doing since college is reflecting back on the trimester--things I've accomplished, things I can improve on. Always tinkering to get more production per unit of my time. After all, time is the greatest currency we have. It's nonrenewable and precious. YOLO (you only live once).

Reflective Thoughts and My Self Imposed Grades On...

CLASSES: Overall Self Grade: B

For the clinical science phase of the DC program, I opted to stay full track. I have not been full track since 1st Trimester, so this was a big adjustment to go from 20 credits a tri to 28.5. It's especially hard for my brain because I enjoy doing a lot of extracurricular studying so my class load is never the extent of my education; it is always supplementary.

I have gotten 80s on average across the board, which is solid but not crushing anything. You'll find there are only so many hours in the day and I am comfortable with the application of the information, which is more important than the grades (for me). I didn't like that I fell off the wagon after midterms as far as regularly printing out class notes and even taking class notes. Needs improvement for 6th Tri. Although, I can always improve--overall, not bad. 

SEMINARS: Overall Self Grade: A+  

I just finished my AK certification test this past weekend. I got a 101.5%!!! -- and was the seminar valedictorian (which includes doctors). No other student got above a 90, so I was very excited. I've been working extremely hard at learning Applied Kinesiology and mentoring under Dr. Francis because of his incredible clinical results (he fixes stuff that just is unheard of). As a result I've been able to "help" a lot of friends and family well before I am "supposed to be able to" (whatever that means).

In conclusion, I had 5 (possibly 6) seminars this trimester, the most I've ever done in a tri. Weekends of 9:00am - 7:30pm both days are no joke and sap your recharge button. In fact, this last month I haven't had a day off heading into finals. Was it worth it? Ask my family/friends when I get home. ;)

WORK/LIFE BALANCE: Overall Self Grade: C-

If you don't do what you love, you'll never love what you do on a regular daily basis. That's a recipe for depression. Make sure you love chiropractic before you come here. This grade is based on a few things. I only had 2 true weekends off this whole summer. That's an F for balance haha. BUT, my best friends from JMU and my sister came out to visit for EPIC weekends of fun. That is an A for balance :). So I decided to mash those together for my C-. I realized that I burned the candle at too many ends this trimester.

Next trimester, I'm going to take only 1 or 2 seminars MAX. Focus on enjoying a little more R&R time with friends, and take up a few more bucket list items. I believe that will get my grade up to A/B range!

Goals For Break:

  • Start/Test out a small online business project
  • Read "Rise of the Phoenix"
  • Study for National Board Exams (Part 1)
  • Go to Cape Cod
  • Visit my Grandpa in Syracuse
  • Golf
  • Obviously enjoy friends/family :)
  • Practice chiropractic (DUH!)

Cheers and Blessings,

The Lion Status 100

If you do these. your biography will outsell Steve Jobs'. 

Hey Everyone, 

Another different type of post this week. NUHS news: Kendall Banning won Mr. NUHS. He's awesome, so it's OK I didn't win (haha). My 'dance' was well received but his glowstick dance and juggling with the lights out was EPIC. 

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the workload at school (not uncommon :) I resort to looking beyond school and take a look at life and what I want out of it. It keeps me excited, which in turn helps my grades. Or at least, that's my findings. 

I once read a great life analogy for happiness. The visual was if you fill your bucket (life) with sand (less important things), then when you go to put in the big rocks (things that really make you happy), they won't fit. BUT, if you put the big rocks into the bucket (your life) first, then the sand just seems to pour right in without too much hassle allowing your life to be filled with all the "BIG ROCKS", but without totally ignoring the other parts of life. 

My Bucket List is a combination of the Big Rocks that excite my life and make me happy.

My Big Rocks:

  • Family/Friends
  • Epic Adventures
  • Integrated Medicine
  • Travel
  • Entrepreneurship/Finance
  • WTF events (Things you do that you wake up the next day and say, "What the … did I do that for? O well, it will make a great story one day.")

If each or all of those are present in my life, by all definitions, I had an awesome day and my life is full of happiness and purpose. Notice: None of them is "have a big house" or "fancy car" or anything really materialistic. While money does help you accomplish things, it rarely "fills" your inner happiness. Money will come and go but happiness is something, regardless of the amount of money or materialistic things you have, that is a basic and ATTAINABLE human RIGHT. What was this country founded on again? O yeah, "the right to the pursuit of happiness." It seems our current government doesn't always remember what our founding fathers instilled (but that's a different conversation for a different day).

I encourage you to make a list of things that truly give you inner happiness. It may be quiet time in the woods, taking your wife on a dinner date, traveling to a foreign country, or just finding new places to eat. Whatever it is, I implore you to write them down and start saying "NO" to the things that don't fulfill one of your big rocks, and start saying "YES" to the things that do. It will have a profound effect on the rest of your life. I promise you.


My Lion Status 100 Bucket List:
(and I'm sure it will change as I age and different things become more/less important to me. 

  1. Become a world-class doctor
  2. Help someone overcome an "incurable" disease
  3. Start an online business in med school
  4. Pay for med school before I graduate
  5. Drive a NASCAR
  6. Skydive
  7. Swim with sharks
  8. Marry "the one"
  9. Become as healthy as I can be
  10. Triathlon
  11. Scuba dive and find Nemo
  12. Go into space and experience zero gravity
  13. Travel to a foreign country to help underprivileged children
  14. Become a New York Times best-selling author
  15. Surf and "shred the gnarr" in California
  16. Set up a successful cash practice
  17. Generate $1 million in revenue in a fiscal year
  18. Buy a boat
  19. Go on an epic all-inclusive cruise with friends
  20. Go to a private island
  21. Do something every week that expands my "bubble"
  22. Truly love and accept myself and others
  23. Become a better Christian
  24. Start a hedge fund/invest as a private equity investor
  25. Work with a start-up company
  26. Meet a president
  27. Have 100k + subscribers on youtube/facebook/twitter
  28. Stumble upon one of my own websites
  29. Be on a board of a company
  30. Coach a young sports team
  31. Adjust Tiger Woods
  32. Be a DC on the PGA Tour
  33. Catch a blue marlin deep-sea fishing
  34. Go hunting and eat what I hunted
  35. Buy a pimped-out golf cart
  36. Become a member at a prestigious golf course
  37. Shoot even par on 18 holes
  38. Dunk a basketball
  39. Weigh 190 lbs <10% body fat
  40. Play in a poker tournament in Vegas
  41. Compete in a Mr. ___ competition
  42. Make a complete fool of myself in front of an audience
  43. Sleep in a tree house
  44. Ride an elephant
  45. See the great pyramids
  46. Play golf at a US Open course
  47. Kiss the Stanley Cup
  48. Play St. Andrews on a windy day
  49. Go to the Master's
  50. Give a stranger a $100 bill and ask them what they'd do with it
  51. Buy a homeless person a meal
  52. Pay for someone's groceries
  53. Play Pebble Beach with my dad, brother, and grandpa
  54. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records
  55. Go on a shopping spree with someone
  56. Pay off my parents' mortgage
  57. Teach a seminar
  58. Give a presentation to 50+ people
  59. Be featured in a national publication
  60. Jump in a cab and yell, "Follow that car!"
  61. Walk by a Girl Scout cookie table... and not buy anything!
  62. Take a hot air balloon ride
  63. Ride the highest coaster in North America
  64. Go on a safari
  65. White water raft
  66. Test drive a really expensive car I can't afford
  67. Have a bunch of kids and be an awesome dad
  68. Bench-press 300 lbs.
  69. Make a video on YouTube with more than 100,000 views
  70. Make a video on YouTube with more than 1,000,000 views
  71. Play guitar and sing to an audience
  72. Build my own website
  73. Juice fast (I did this for 21 days and turned orange)
  74. Sell a bunch of belongings at a garage sale
  75. Send a message in a bottle
  76. Run the Boston Marathon
  77. Get a hole in one!
  78. Take advantage of "all you can eat shrimp" and "endless salad and breadsticks" (because I've been a server at both restaurants, and I want revenge! Note: I'll leave a big tip and take digestive enzymes with you.)
  79. Cliff jump 
  80. Photo bomb a ride at a theme park 
  81. Go to Australia and tell the first beautiful woman who speaks to me with an Australian accent "I love you" before she finishes what she's saying
  82. Design my own T-shirt
  83. Try to sell that T-shirt to someone
  84. Go on a wine tasting tour
  85. Read every book my favorite author has written (mine's Tim Ferriss)
  86. Have a Star Wars marathon and watch all 6 in one day with friends. (costumes preferred)
  87. Apply to Harvard (and get in?)
  88. Finish medical school
  89. Meet and have dinner (and wine) with Tim Ferriss
  90. Invest in an IPO (initial public offering) before it trades on Wall Street
  91. Pay for my kid's college education
  92. Walk behind a waterfall
  93. Start a scholarship for unique kids
  94. Donate microloans to entrepreneurs worldwide via
  95. Go to the Super Bowl
  96. Get a diplomate in Applied Kinesiology
  97. Score a goal in hockey on a penalty shot with a triple deke (I've actually done this)
  98. Give a Ted talk
  99. Bet on a horse at the Kentucky Derby! (Also: bring a beautiful girl with one of those big rich people hats!)
  100. Be the change I want to see in the world.

And… other things I've done:

  • Gone to a Harlem Globetrotters game
  • Went to a game at Fenway Park
  • Went to a game at Wrigley Field
  • Saw a Red Sox / Yankees game at old Yankee Stadium
  • Got the "king of email detox," Tim Ferriss, to e-mail me
  • Smoked a Cuban cigar
  • Ice skated at Rockefeller Center
  • Saw the Boston Commons lit up during the holidays

I'll end with this quote:

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Just make sure that it's worth watching when it does!" 

Peace out,

Welcome Back

The summer trimester is upon us! This will be the first summer I've ever had classes throughout and since it's only the first week, not a lot school-wise, has happened so I figured I'd tell you a little about my break. The absolute best advice I can give you between trimesters is to have a BLAST, live it up, do something new, enjoy the mush of a brain you have post-finals, and for all other intents and purposes, recharge your battery.  

Break Adventures

What I find really strange is how many people shallowly ask when they get back to school, "How was your break?" almost half expecting a "good" or "relaxing" or "not bad" answer. I've been trying to answer with slightly more detail just to see the reaction on their faces. My new answer goes like this:

  1. I celebrated my 23rd birthday in Boston with my best friends from high school.
  2. Gave my 81-yea-old grandma a piggyback up a flight of stairs (no elevator in the building) only to put her right down in a room full of people that yelled, "SURPRISE!" (We gave her a surprise 60th wedding anniversary party! :)
  3. Jumped off a 40 ft. cliff…into water. 
  4. Couch-surfed my way from Boston to Richmond to James Madison University.
  5. Celebrated my best friend's graduation from college and commission as a 2nd lieutenant.
  6. Entered a 10,000 fans contest put on by New York Times best selling author, and one of my heroes, Tim Ferriss.
  7. Challenged myself to contact Ori Hofmekler, author of the best-selling Warrior Diet, about a potential business venture. Task completed!
  8. Scalped tickets at Fenway Park to see a thrilling Red Sox game.

You could say I enjoyed my break! 

Summer Goals

As with all trimesters I wanted to put some goals down for me to subconsciously strive for. 

  • Learn the new material well. (Grades don't matter to me, but understanding the material enough to excel for my future patients does, which is why my goal is phrased like this.)
  • Do something once a week that makes me really uncomfortable. (By always pushing the bubble, I enjoy life more and open doors normally closed.)
  • Go to at least 1 seminar. (The second depends on money.)
  • Find balance. (My dad's favorite word. It means that nothing gets excessive attention or anxiety and everything in your life fits together such that you feel content…obviously a tough goal!)
  • Explore more of Chicago. (With the warm weather, I hope to make it into the city for more adventures than I was able the first two tris.)
  • Last goal is to worry less about things that are out of my control. (I have a bad tendency to focus into the future and prepare for different events. While this helps me with lots of aspects with my life, it absolutely drains my adrenal glands and I've noticed that nothing makes me feel better than an adrenal supplement and accepting whatever happens is meant to happen.)

With that wrapping up my break and my goals for the trimester, how was your break? Did you do everything you wanted to? Would you change anything? If so, think about the changes you can make for this trimester to be your best yet.

Live Awesome,