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How to Catch a Cold, DJ, and Travel Hack

Hello, Cygnets (baby swans...who voted on a wimpy mascot? lol). 

We have a few things on the plate this week--midterms, immunity, travel hacking, March madness, and DJ Bifero!


Midterm Season continues to drag on. This week features Pathology 2 and Microbiology 2. Hypertension, thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, Ischemic heart disease, and all the crazy micro bugs will be on tap all week. I do enjoy studying these subjects but the shear volume of bizarre bugs to memorize in micro drives me bananas, considering we won't be treating a vast majority of them, or even see them in our offices for that matter. Well, you have to cooperate to graduate (ha ha).

How to Catch a Cold

Many people assume that they simply 'catch' a cold by being around virus/bacteria. While the germ theory has much proof for it, I came across this fact in the "Science of Diet and Nutrition class.

With just 2 cans of SODA you DECREASE your immune system function by 40% for 5 hours after!!!!! Holy shitake mushrooms! This is true of all sugars, added Dr. Kristina Conner! This includes excess fruits, grains, and obviously junk foods. No wonder the paleo diet has such good clinical success. It's low sugar, which allows optimal immune function. Anyways, I thought I'd drop some knowledge since I thought it was a fun fact of the day.

Travel Hacking

Recently, I stumbled upon a concept or dare I say, cult, called 'travel hacking.' There are legions of people who sign up for all sorts of bonus credit card deals for tens of thousands of frequent flyer miles. They have tactics for saving hundreds on flights, hotels, etc. It's sort of an underground following but if you're interested in long term world traveling (I am trying to do this for a few months after I graduate from NUHS to recharge my batteries), I recommend checking out the Frugal Travel Guy, Chris Gulliebeau, and this cool article I read: How to Travel Around the World for $418.

Teacher DJ

This past weekend our microbiology teacher, Dr. Antonio Bifero, DJed at a club and a bunch of us went to support his musical talents and hobby. It was really fun since we brought a bunch of NUHS people and the shenanigans were in full swing. Picture below.



So who's your pick to win March madness? I have Syracuse winning it all! Go orange!

Till next time,