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Student Life - TUMORS and Head to Toe

Hey National, 

This past week wrapped up the end of the midterms in Tri 6 (we have 1 left). The infamous TUMORS midterm was last Wednesday and it lived up to the hype. Last I heard, a third of the class failed. Yikes. I squeaked by with a D. Not impressive, but the class average was miserable.

The one thing to keep in mind before you get freaked out is this: Study a lot. Don't wait until the last minute--you won't pass. AND in practice, someone else will read your X-rays so you won't get sued if you miss a benign/malig tumor or the like. So yes, it's extremely interesting learning about tumors on film but you're going to have a diplomate in radiology (DACBR) read them to CYA (cover you're a$$). Learn the material, pass the class and remember the class "red flags" such as sudden onset of pain without trauma, pain worse at night, night sweats, and remember the age of your patient to help rule out certain pathologies. TUMORS is scary, but it's manageable.   


Last week was also our Head to Toe Practical. The Head to Toe Practical is something you have to do in Physical Diagnosis class. You have to complete a complete physical on a fellow classmate over at the clinic while our teachers watch and grade. You practice all trimester in the labs so you know how to do everything by the time the practical comes. The only hard parts are that you have to do it in the perfect order that Dr. Gidcumb wants, and you're nervous because it's a test. 

The list of exam procedures are Vitals, Body Habitus, Head and Neck, Eyes/Ears/Nose/Throat/Sinus, Neuro (cranial nerves and peripheral), Spine ROM/Screen, Pulmonary, Cardiac, Abdomen, and a few other select Gait, Scoliosis, and Cerebellar tests. It's a complete exam and one you will most likely not do on every patient, but it's good practice so when you do have a patient that requires a few of them you know what to do, how to do it, and what is normal/abnormal so you can make a diagnosis, treat, or refer out. Physical Diagnosis and Advanced Technique/Adjusting are by far my favorite classes this tri as we get to do "doctor things." :)

Well, that's about it for NUHS stuff. Just keep living the dream and don't forget to go to clubs and seminars. Don't be the guy/girl who graduates without any extra schooling.

"I never let my schooling interfere with my education." -- Mark Twain

Stay Classy,

Wrapping Up 5th Tri

Hello Ladies and Germs, 

This is my last blog of 5th Tri. I am soooooooo pumped to be done. I get bored easily, and after 10 weeks into a tri I'm looking for a fresh class. Final exams are horrible in 5th Tri (and most other tris) because we have 8 in 4 days next week. Caffeine anyone?

One of the things I've been doing since college is reflecting back on the trimester--things I've accomplished, things I can improve on. Always tinkering to get more production per unit of my time. After all, time is the greatest currency we have. It's nonrenewable and precious. YOLO (you only live once).

Reflective Thoughts and My Self Imposed Grades On...

CLASSES: Overall Self Grade: B

For the clinical science phase of the DC program, I opted to stay full track. I have not been full track since 1st Trimester, so this was a big adjustment to go from 20 credits a tri to 28.5. It's especially hard for my brain because I enjoy doing a lot of extracurricular studying so my class load is never the extent of my education; it is always supplementary.

I have gotten 80s on average across the board, which is solid but not crushing anything. You'll find there are only so many hours in the day and I am comfortable with the application of the information, which is more important than the grades (for me). I didn't like that I fell off the wagon after midterms as far as regularly printing out class notes and even taking class notes. Needs improvement for 6th Tri. Although, I can always improve--overall, not bad. 

SEMINARS: Overall Self Grade: A+  

I just finished my AK certification test this past weekend. I got a 101.5%!!! -- and was the seminar valedictorian (which includes doctors). No other student got above a 90, so I was very excited. I've been working extremely hard at learning Applied Kinesiology and mentoring under Dr. Francis because of his incredible clinical results (he fixes stuff that just is unheard of). As a result I've been able to "help" a lot of friends and family well before I am "supposed to be able to" (whatever that means).

In conclusion, I had 5 (possibly 6) seminars this trimester, the most I've ever done in a tri. Weekends of 9:00am - 7:30pm both days are no joke and sap your recharge button. In fact, this last month I haven't had a day off heading into finals. Was it worth it? Ask my family/friends when I get home. ;)

WORK/LIFE BALANCE: Overall Self Grade: C-

If you don't do what you love, you'll never love what you do on a regular daily basis. That's a recipe for depression. Make sure you love chiropractic before you come here. This grade is based on a few things. I only had 2 true weekends off this whole summer. That's an F for balance haha. BUT, my best friends from JMU and my sister came out to visit for EPIC weekends of fun. That is an A for balance :). So I decided to mash those together for my C-. I realized that I burned the candle at too many ends this trimester.

Next trimester, I'm going to take only 1 or 2 seminars MAX. Focus on enjoying a little more R&R time with friends, and take up a few more bucket list items. I believe that will get my grade up to A/B range!

Goals For Break:

  • Start/Test out a small online business project
  • Read "Rise of the Phoenix"
  • Study for National Board Exams (Part 1)
  • Go to Cape Cod
  • Visit my Grandpa in Syracuse
  • Golf
  • Obviously enjoy friends/family :)
  • Practice chiropractic (DUH!)

Cheers and Blessings,

Healthy Cookie Dough Protein Recipe

Hey Everyone, 

Midterm season is upon us--as Cardio with Dr. Bill Hogan was this morning featuring a 60-question variety of heart, EKG and interpretation problems. If you've ever watched a medical drama (and chances are good you have), you will probably find yourself staring at the monitor trying to pick out abnormal P waves, a spiked T wave, or a depressed ST interval. I know I was excited when we learned about atrial fibrillation and later that night I was watching a show where a patient was crashing and the doctor yelled some combination of A Fib and STAT! (sick life bro..)  

For those of you who don't know Dr. Hogan--well, he is an interesting man. He comes across quite 'militant' and 'in your face'. My tip is: DO NOT BE LATE TO HIS CLASS, or he will yell at you and call you out right in the middle of lecture. He yelled at my buddy going to restroom and told him to sit back down. What I do appreciate about Dr. Hogan is that he is a very passionate lecturer; he practically yells out during the lecture and provides quality analogies, which maintains my attention throughout lecture. On top of that, the cardiovascular system in general fascinates me so I enjoy the material.

Me teaching how to palpate a sacrum in club.

The following is a recipe I'm passing on after RJ Burr recommended I try it.

Paleo Cookie Dough (no wheat, added sugars)

  • 1 jar of garbanzo beans
  • 3-4 tablespoons of almond butter
  • 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder
  • Stevia
  • 85% dark chocolate crumbled up
  • ¼ cup coconut milk

Ideally, blend all ingredients in a food processor and let sit in the fridge. I don't have one so I added coconut milk and garbanzo beans in a blend until smooth and then took it out and added in the almond butter, chocolate whey protein powder, stevia, and folded in the pieces of dark chocolate. Throw it in the fridge and chill and eat it as is. No baking. Test it out. I thought it was delicious.

What my friends and I noticed was the longer you've been eating healthy and paleo, the better it tasted. My friend who eats McDonald's a couple times a week hated it. My friend who ate decently healthy thought it was 'pretty good'. RJ and I who are strict paleo eaters absolutely LOVED IT. Funny, eh? Just an observation...