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Dropping Some Knowledge

Hey, everyone! 

Hope everyone had a great week. I thought I'd drop some random city adventure tips as well as some school/career tips. When I was going/got to school, I sought out people that gave great perspectives and fun tips from the locals. Thought I would pass them on. :)

Museums in Chicago

Do you have a Bank of America card? Did you know you can get into any museum in Chicago for FREE the first weekend of every month! Holy Toledo! The Shedd Aquarium and Museum of Science and Industry are my FAVORITES. I was raised right by the ocean and I love all things related to water, so Shedd was extremely cool. This past weekend I ventured to the science and industry museum. It's south of the city a couple miles and it's loaded with visually intriguing displays and mind bending science.

Me in a mini tornado at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Fun tip: There is a parking lot not associated with the museum right off Lake Shore Drive that is $5 instead of $20 that the museum lot brings in. Winning.

Lastly, the Lincoln Park Zoo is fantastic and its FREEEE. You can park there for 20 bucks or you can somehow get there another way (cab, El, bike, it's too far to walk from the Metra). I went there with my sister in August and the animals were great and the views of the city were profile pic worthy!

Willis (Sears) Tower vs. Hancock Tower

So you want to see the big city views? The Willis (Sears) Tower is $16 to go to the sky deck, which I've heard is pretty awesome. An alternative you ask? The Hancock Tower. Go to the 96th floor and there is an epic view that you can enjoy almost equal to the Willis (Sears) Tower. All you have to do is order a drink or appetizer and sit at a nice little table with amazing views of the city. The cocktails are steep ($11-$15) but just go for one drink and enjoy a unique experience in Chi Town!

Adjusting at National

Just in case you didn't're going to be a chiropractor. Chiropractic means "done with HANDS." Please, please, PRACTICE adjusting and palpating. I am constantly surprised at how many people let this critical piece of their education go. The ONLY bad thing about National is you can get through the program without being an exceptional adjustor. I understand they can't hold people back and that students need to take it upon themselves to refine and improve, but hey, let's get better with our hands, okay? Just think about what the public expects of you: ADJUSTMENTS. At NUHS we obviously learn A LOT more, but our basic toolset is the art of adjusting.

Tip: Find upper classmen that can adjust everything and everyone (you'll know who they are) and constantly pick their brains on how they set up, thrust, practice, etc. Even consider asking them to tutor you weekly. If you're going to spend money on tutoring for all these academic classes why not pay someone to teach you how to adjust? Which do you think will have a bigger payoff for your practice? Yup.

Tip: Don't feel bad if it doesn't come naturally. It's hard. But it's learnable! Also, do NOT let your ego prevent you from setting up and adjusting people for fear they think you'll stink. Do it anyway; it's better to mess up now with students than on your patients!! Hah   

Tip: Go to CLUBS. Go to Clubs. Go to Clubs. AK, Motion Palp, Sports Rehab. Your face should be in there. Period. ;)      

Public Speaking

Here's a shocker - LEARN IT. Across all the docs I've spoken with, the overwhelming biggest thing they did to build a practice was learn to effectively communicate and speak to people. You think you'll just throw a sign of "chiropractor" up and they'll pour into your office knowing everything you're capable of? Negative. Get out there and constantly get used to being uncomfortable. How do you know you're making progress? When you are terrified! That means your pushing the envelope and expanding your bubble. How you do you when you are moving forward? When you are less and less nervous speaking in situations that used to scare you to death. Do it. Get uncomfortable!

Tip: Toastmasters is a great organization to check out for local public speaking practice around the country.

Tip: Always offer to present whatever class project you're involved with. Little wins. Big leverage.

Stay Classy,