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Hello, Everyone!

Top -coats

I'm officially one-third done with the trimester! I have to say that I'm pretty excited for the weather to start turning around and for the upcoming break. Premature? Maybe. But here's a list of things I have to look forward to (and keep me motivated to work hard this tri):

  1. Easter is the Sunday after finals and it will mark the first time since high school that I will get to go home and celebrate it with my family! Can you say Easter egg hunt with my little cousins?

  2. My 23rd BDAY! It's during break and I'm super excited to go home and go into Boston to see all my high school buds that I never get to see!

  3. Going to James Madison to watch two of my best friends graduate, which I'm super pumped for! It's been almost a year since I've seen any of my college friends so that long weekend should be as epic as our last snowstorm. 

Neuro Practical

This upcoming week we have a Neuroanatomy lab practical midterm. It's been grossly overhyped by everyone as one of the harder tests we'll take at school because the level of thinking for a particular question is very involved. A lab practical for you future students is not unlike some of your undergrad science courses where they tag a structure (with a colored pin) and ask either identify or what is this involved in. Dr. Darby likes to raise the bar on these questions by asking, "What is lost when there is a lesion (tumor/hematoma/etc.) at the tagged structure."

For example's sake, she would have a colored pin in the Optic Chiasm (where the optic nerves converge in the brain). You'd not only have to know what the structure was but also how the visual pathway of nerves surges through that structure so if in fact there was a lesion you would be able to discern what loss you'd observe in a patient. So you'd reply bitemporal hemianopia (doctor speak for tunnel vision). So this type of studying occupied most of my week. BIG NEURO WEEK is the inside joke among Shannon and my classmates 


This week our curriculum vitae or CV was due for our intro to business class taught by Dr. Hodges. The class is a sugar coated (in my opinion) version of what to expect in the field, how to start thinking about the way you want to practice, the different styles of practices, and the options and processes that you'll have to undertake once you graduate. As for the CV, it is basically a "resume on steroids" as Dr. Hodges put it and because I've reviewed around 100 resumes with my experience with the Madison Investment Fund, the assignment proved to be a quick and painless one. Intro to Business is my favorite class this trimester because Dr. Hodges is the man. It's just an hour class where he passionately shares his experiences, answers questions, and I believe, gives us that "light at the end of the tunnel" as far as where/how we imagine implementing our skills in the workforce. 

Random Tip of the Day: For you future students, I would definitely recommend getting a tutor for the hard classes of each tri. I was ALWAYS one of those kids who said, nope I will learn it on my own and have always been somewhat stubborn in my studying methods, however a valuable and experienced tutor that knows what the teacher is looking for cannot be underestimated.

Rachel, who you will undoubtedly meet if you need help on this campus, tutors something around 7 classes and her insight is honestly worth every penny and multiplies my study effort when I get the big picture.  

See you next week! 

Hakuna Matata!