Great Spontaneous Weekend

Hi, NUHS! 

It was Saturday, 3pm, watching some "Modern Family" with my girlfriend Ashley and just relaxing after a long midterm week for both of us. She had 6 tests and I had 5. Suddenly, her brother walks into the room and declares he's going to Detroit and has 2 free tickets to the Red Wings/Blackhawks game! Ashley and I looked at each other simultaneously and yelled, "We're in!" 

Danny was almost caught off guard by how quick we spontaneously made a decision to just drop what we were doing, get ready in less than an hour, and drive 5 hours that night to Detroit. If there was ever a time to say it, "YOLO!" You Only Live Once. 

I had never been into the great (kidding ;) state of Michigan so this was a great adventure for me if you know how much I love bucket list items! When I lived in New Jersey when I was younger I loved Steve Y and Brandon Shanahan (Red Wings) so I was even more excited to see the Wings and Hawks play. In addition, the Blackhawks were on a 21-game streak without a loss! Incredible! 


The three of us got to Danny's Gf's house just outside of Detroit late Saturday night and went out for drinks with some of their friends with some live music, which was a great time. There's something hilarious and exhilarating about waking up on a stranger's couch knowing you're about to have an awesome adventure-filled day! 

The hockey game was a well-played, hard skating game that peaked when the Blackhawks were down a goal on a power play with 2 minutes left. A big shot from the point redirected right onto the stick of the very skilled Patrick Kane who punched it in for an unlikely game tying goal and shocked the rowdy Joe Louis Arena. The game, to my pleasure, went into a shootout that once again featured the brilliant hands of Patrick Kane who finished a dirty move that catapulted the Blackhawks streak to 22 games without a loss in regulation!

To add to the shenanigans, Ashley and I even got interviewed between periods for Comcast Sports Network! I'll try to find the YouTube video for next week's post! 

Have a Great Week!