Suggested Supplemental Guidelines - Clinical Nutrition

Hey National, 

Hope the week is going well. I often get asked about supplements, which ones are great, and what amounts should be dosed. 

In clinical nutrition class, we have to memorize popular and effective supplements and the doses that the research has deemed efficacious. It's taught by one of the leading nutritional experts in the States, Dr. David Seaman. I love Dr. Seaman's anti-inflammatory diet and supplemental approach to disease, prevention and health promotion. The new integrated/functional MDs are catching on that most disease processes, such as the biggest killers in America (heart disease, stroke, some cancers, Alzheimer's, hypertension, etc., etc.) are rooted in chronic inflammatory processes! 


The three biggest physiological disruptions in a person in a chronic inflammatory state are: 

  1. Excess Pro-Inflammatory Chemicals (TNF, IL1, etc.)
  2. Decreased ATP production (mineral/vitamin def)
  3. Increased Oxidative Stress (Free radicals >> antioxidants) 

Dr. Seaman recommends his 'Basic' Supplemental Suggestions: 

  1. Multi Vitamin
  2. EPA/DHA 1-3g/day
  3. Vitamin D 1000-10,000 IU
  4. Cal Mag (1:1 and 400-1000mg/day)
  5. Probiotics 

The general supplemental guidelines we have to memorize for the quiz this week: 

  1. Multi Vitamin
  2. Mag 400-1000mg/day
  3. Calcium 1:1 cal:mag
  4. EPA/DHA 1-3 g/day
  5. CoQ10 >=100mg/day
  6. GLA 200-500mg/day
  7. ALA 2 gr/day
  8. Vitamin D 1000-10,000IU
  9. Lipoic Acid 200mg BID
  10. Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg BID
  11. Ginger 2-6 g/day
  12. Turmeric 1-2g/day
  13. Garlic 1g/day (5mg allicin)
  14. Proteolytic Enzymes
  15. Bacteria
  16. Fiber >10-15 g/day
  17. White Willow  1-4g/day
  18. Glutamine  4-8g/day
  19. Hydroxyapitate 1000mg
  20. Glucosamine Sulfate 1500mg/day
  21. Chondroitin Sulfate  1200mg/day
  22. MSM
  23. Vitamin C  500-1000mg/day
  24. Vitamin E 400-800mg/day
  25. Citrus Bioflavanoids  2000mg/day
  26. Proanthocyanids/GT extract 1-2 caps/day
  27. Cayenne  300-600mg/day
  28. Gingko 120 mg/day
  29. Ginseng 200 mg TID
  30. Saw Palmetto 160 mg BID
  31. Valerian Root 150-300 mg/ b bed

Whew...that was a lot! Obviously you SHOULD NOT TAKE ALL THESE SUPPLEMENTS, but if you're interested in taking a few, here's a cool research for what sort of dosage you'd be looking at.

Have a great healthy week,