Business Planning - Want to Own a Practice?

Hey National, 

Hope everyone's week is going well. Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for their Super Bowl win, I don't enjoy typing that as a Patriots fan, but give respect where respect is due. 

2013 is flying by so far and Midterms will be starting next week. I'm trying to get into Midterm mode but I've been heavily distracted outside of NUHS activities and I need to get down to the grind. 


In case you're a new or prospective student to NUHS, they offer a few businesses classes built into the curriculum. Why is that important? Well, as a future DC you will wear multiple hats. One, as a doctor, and one as a businessperson. The best doctor in the world who doesn't know how to run an office or get a business loan will never treat patients! Most people hate the business classes because they didn't choose to go to business school; they chose medical school. Sooner or later, they come to their senses, and most likely later will thank NUHS for at least teaching basic business groundwork. 

I'm currently in Tri 7's Business Planning Class. This class has a host of speakers (so far) who lecture us on various aspects of running a DC office: Insurance coverage, financial statements, your practice "vision" and how to work that backwards, how to approach a bank with a business plan and get a loan, etc.

Over the coming weeks we have a business plan project assignment and we will have to do exactly what we as future private practice owners will have to go through. In other words, if we take it seriously we could have a great leg up on what we hope to do in real life--a truly valuable experience, and one that will undoubtedly help us weed out the mistakes as a student when they don't matter as much!

Be Well,