Party Like It's the 1980s

Hey National,

Hope everyone is having a great week! This week is my worst academic week so far this trimester: Chest radiology quiz on Monday, clinical nutrition quiz on Tuesday, psychopath midterm on Thursday, and Rehab and Botanicals 2 midterms on Friday. Yay (sarcasm lol). Overall, this 7th trimester hasn't been that bad yet, but this week will define the rest of the trimester so I'm going to ramp up the studying. I've been slacking on school studying lately as I've been putting all my time into old seminar notes studying! I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH people, if you've been reading this blog you understand how important it is to go to seminars.

If you were to ask me, "Hey Christian, what are the best things to learn at NUHS?"

My reply would be, "Learn how to 1) palpate any bone on anyone at anytime; 2) adjust any bone on anyone at anytime; and 3) muscle test any muscle on anyone at anytime."

Those are the highest value traits to have as a chiropractor. Think about it. You might be the smartest person in the world and be able diagnose every disease National teaches us. But if you can't adjust and treat--who would pay for a diagnosis if you can't treat? MDs can diagnose and they can at least give a drug (even if it doesn't work). DCs need to be able to diagnose AND TREAT. DCs need a unique combination of academic smarts and kinesthetic skills.

Chiropractic is a beautiful combination of science and art that treats the person in a holistic way few other doctors out there can boast. Learn the academics and build your clinic with your hands. The public doesn't know how smart we are coming out of National. They know chiropractors adjust "low backs." So, fix the stuff they "expect" you to, and BLOW THEIR MINDS with the education you get from National. Seriously, I've yet to come across someone who's been like, "Wow, you guys don't get enough education." Haha.


This past weekend featured the Frat/Sorority combined 80's Party! Each trimester, the frat and sorority muster up something creative and put on an event that is a refreshing change from the same ole' same ole'! This trimester featured a themed party in the NUHS gym decked out in 1980's décor. They had colorful balloons, 80's Pandora mix, spiked punch, Twister, 80's themed picture place, and some classic adult games. I want to congratulate my friends for putting together the hilarious decorations and plenty of balloon spin kicks (ask Kendall).

Be Awesome,