Dr Roselle Seminar - Integrated Medicine and Personal Development

Hey, everyone!

Hope the ladies and gents reading this had a great week and are ready for a great fall season! The weather is starting to demand jeans and a sweatshirt here in Chicago, and I'm pretty excited for changing of the leaves, football, sweet potatoes (which I loaded with butter last night!), and crisp air.

2012-09-25_roomiesI attended a day-long seminar last Saturday put on by Thomas Roselle, DC. The seminar was how to build an integrated medicine practice, all cash, and how the professions work together, as well as some gems from Dr. Roselle at the end of the day lecturing on personal development, marketing, practice building, and how to handle relationships.

A quick background: Dr. Roselle is one of the best doctors in the U.S., and he is a National grad! He has built an 800 patient visits a week ALL CASH practice in the Washington D.C., area with 27 employees that include MDs, DCs, acupuncturists, personal trainers, massage therapists, nutritionists, and supporting staff. HOLY awesome Batman! Dr. Roselle has basically done what NUHS is trying to do, effectively put a team of CAM practitioners together on a patient case and get paid for their time, as well as communicate for the best patient outcome. Needless to say, I was all ears and have lots of notes on how he built this fantastic practice.

Dr. Roselle embodies the doctor that I want to become because he has so many treatment tools and is truly "integrated" himself. He is now an AK doc that has a couple diplomates in nutrition and hundreds of hours in acupuncture and functional medicine. This is exactly what I am working at currently. He told us the story of how he hated AK while going to NUHS because he didn't understand it, and the school isn't exactly "AK friendly." Then he was shown some neat things and the results they got while in clinic and he began learning AK and acupuncture and nutrition and the like. Fast forward 35+ years in practice and this guy can fix the weird of the weird. He gets results way past the typical chiropractor's results because he integrates multiple professions to provide a more complete treatment of his patients. READ: Not everyone's problems are purely structural - shocker, I know!

For instance, Dr. Roselle was featured on MTV's "True Life" and essentially had a "doctor off" against the top allergy MD in the country. They each had a young teenager who could literally only eat 5 foods or would go into anaphylactic shock and was in the hospital 5 days a week before seeing Dr. Roselle. Dr. Roselle utilized his AK and Gonstead adjusting, balanced acupuncture meridians, functionally treated the gut with naturopathy principles, gave adrenal support, and then did some of his non-AK treatments to desensitize the patient to the allergens. The beautiful thing about this is it can be all done by a chiropractor trained in AK.

The paradigm that he talks about, one that is established in AK, is treating a patient from the Structural, Emotional, and Biochemical levels. A triangle of treatment that approaches the patient in a holistic and integrated manner. We get these things at National, but NUHS is still working on putting them all together for the students, which is why I love learning from Dr. Roselle because he's put it together.

So how did it work out?

Dr. Roselle's patient after a year of care can now eat almost anything (no McDonald's haha) and now is well enough to go to college and go on to lead a normal life. The MD's patient unfortunately still battles the food allergies and is still trying to work on adding foods into his life without going into shock. The MD thinks it's all in their "head." To that I say...be proud to be a chiropractor. The things you will be able to do, provided you go to extra seminars and clubs is truly fantastic. If you want some more of this stuff, go to AK club on Fridays at noon in the adjusting labs.