Back to School and Part 1 Boards

Hi Everyone!             

Hope everyone enjoyed their breaks and their R&R time! I can't believe we are back! I had an absolutely amazing time over break enjoying the family, friends, Boston, visiting Gramps in Syracuse, eating Clam Chowda', Cape Cod, and most importantly not taking any tests (haha).


Part 1 Boards

After you finish your basic science portion of the curriculum here at National, you are required to pass Part 1 National Boards. It's a 6-portion, 2-day affair. The sections are Biochemistry, General Anatomy, Spinal Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, and Physiology. Each Exam is 110 multiple-choice questions and it covers everything you've learned. Sounds intimidating, doesn't it? It is and it isn't. 

I just finished the boards and am pleased to tell you that as a National student, you will be MORE than prepared to pass boards. You are going against the combined scores of ALL the other chiropractic schools. Not to sound elitist, but most of the other schools DO NOT match up with the level of academic rigor that is delivered at National University of Health Sciences. NUHS' academic success can be demonstrated by looking at the percentage of students here that pass Part 1 boards. It's something like 98%. If you can pass the classes here and understand the material, well you won't have a problem getting boards behind you.

Here's how I prepared for Part 1 Boards:

  1. From the first day back from school, we had 2 weeks before board exams. I talked with A LOT of older tris who all said they freaked out about it, but all concluded that they were probably over-prepared for it. It seemed the sweet spot was about 2 weeks of studying. 
  2. Get your hands on the Irene Gold Board Review Packets. I have them as a PDF on my DropBox account. Print them out in the library (free printing: your tuition dollars hard at work ;). There are 6 packets each, about 50-80 pages in length. I got through each one once. Others got through 2-3 times. I am a slow reader so once is enough for me to grasp the information. Go at your pace. I then went through the Board Review Book that the school gives you during their 'board reviews' back in July and went through the practice questions. This ended up being more helpful that I thought once I finished taking the actual Boards.
  3. Days leading up for the Boards, make sure you eat healthy, hydrate, and for heaven's sake be RESTED for the exams! Day 1 (Friday) was 7:15am to 4:30pm of 4 sections. That's 440 questions. Day 2 was just 2 sections from 8:30 to noon. The Moral: Be rested so your brain is firing. 

Now, I don't know if I passed yet, scores come out in October, but I felt solid finishing each exam. I tried to summarize those key points as the HIGHEST LEVERAGE board preparation you can do to pass. If you want to prepare more, that's totally fine. This worked for me and just wanted to share with the blogosphere.

Spending time with my family.

Of course, after boards there is a nice gathering at the local JT's bar for some "wobbly pops and giggly juice" as my friend called it (haha). A solid group of my buds went out to lunch at DMK burger bar (grass fed deliciousness) and went disc golfing in Lombard (awesome).

I am wicked excited to be done with boards and come back to the real world where people aren't so uptight about passing boards and where we can just focus on classes and some fun seminars next month!