My Sister Came to Visit

Hey Everyone,

Wow! What an AWESOME weekend! I am so exhausted writing this in class today (don't tell Dr. H lol). My sister, Eliza, came to visit Friday morning and stayed until Monday morning. We made an epic Bucket List and went on adventures galore! Details below: 


Eliza and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo! In case you've never been there, it is FREE! We drove into the city (fun on its own!) and basically parking is the only fee ($20 for 3 hours). There were a lot of animals and I was impressed for a park that is free to the public! My favorite animal, if you can guess, is the LION! But he was sleeping on the rocks and wasn't too animated to see me (how dare he!) The most animated animals? A tie between the camels and the monkeys. The gorillas were pretty awesome as well. Right on the edge of the zoo there is an EPIC view of the city skyscrapers (see picture), a nice bonus!


Later on that day was the Frat Party. We inducted the newbies, gave them some ridiculous "bro names" and had a grand time. The party took a turn for the legendary when the slip 'n slide got set up! We added baby oil and dish detergent for extra 'slip-a-bility' (real word?) that resulted in NUHS' first ever slip 'n slide bash! Many people thought this would be a bad idea until they saw how fun it was. I myself still have some scrapes on my stomach but it was...WORTH IT! Let's be honest, I'm a kid at heart!


Saturday we ventured into the city and knocked out the Navy Pier, Millennium Park, The Bean, the new Batman movie (my new favorite movie ever), and fireworks! We almost made a comedy show, but time and a misunderstood public transportation schedule were the true culprits.



Sunday was one of the greatest days ever. Kendall let us borrow his bikes and Eliza and I took them onto the train and then biked around the city. This is something I've wanted to do since I got to NUHS two years ago. This was a BLAST to ride on the bike trails right along the water overviewing the tall city buildings! We biked over to a dock and walked to the end and had lunch (cool find), and then biked over to the beach and did flips into the water from the side docks. Then we biked up to the end of the beaches just north of the city and had some really unbelievable views of Chicago. Next, was the most EPIC thing I've done this summer. We rented JET SKI'S for an HOUR! It was AWESOME! 55 mph, big waves, splashes galore, city views in Lake Michigan…pretty remarkable. My sacrum needs an adjustment for the beating we took trying to jump the waves! We finished with some Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and the Olympics at a nice location downtown.


All in all--an unbelievable weekend.

I'll leave you with this. NUHS has an edge over many other DC schools because of its location. Does Logan have a little bit newer facilities? Sure. Does Palmer draw you enough to be in bum-stunk Iowa for years? I hope not. Chicago is where it is at. It's an excuse to live in a part of the country I would never get a chance to live in ever again and experience the local fun in a way I'd never do as a tourist. Love the workload or hate it (mostly hate it), the weekends you have to take a breather and I recommend my new favorite city in the world--Chicago. If you're on the fence, choose NUHS (and they don't even pay me to say this!...well sorta ;)