Mr. NUHS is this Week

Hi Everyone,

I am detoxing from an epic June of brain exercises that resulted in me laying on the couch all weekend feeling like a blob, muttering "nonsense," and watching subpar-at-best-movies to pass the numbing time.

This Thursday, the sorority is putting on a FUNdraiser they're aptly naming "Mr. NUHS." This contest has been tried before at the school but red tape had postponed its inception. Alas, this trimester it was allowed and here we are, 10 contestants prepared for what promises to be a hilarious combination of 'Magic Mike' and Fail Blog.


The structure of the competition is each audience member pays $5 dollars for 5 tickets or 'votes' (that's the fundraising part). There are 3 rounds or categories where each of the contestants will try to woo the audience's votes.

  • In the first round, the contestants will be escorted by one of the sorority girls up to the stage in clinical attire where they will answer a random question. Questions are unscripted and so will follow absurd answers. :) One of the questions has been rumored to be "Please imitate a teacher at National." Oh, the possibilities! :) Soo much fun is there!
  • The second round is beach attire and a theme song of the contestants' choice. That should be the 'Magic Mike' part of the show.
  • The third and final round will feature a TALENT. It can be anything, and most likely this will be the 'fail blog' portion of the contest. According to everyone I've talked to, the talents are going to be hilarious and most likely will be the deciding factor in who wins this shindig.     

To add to the lure of the competition, we have 3 heralded teachers as judges, as well as one 'surprise judge' that the ladies have not told us about. The three I know about are Dr. Darby, Dr. Elder, and Dr. Curtin. These three are quite animated and are among my three favorite teachers here at National and I think they will contribute to the success of the show. After all, you can't have American Idol without Simon Cowell. We will see who NUHS' Simon is this week!

Just in case you were wondering: I entered into the competition! ;) Stay tuned for next week's blog for pictures, and possibly (hopefully not) an embarrassing video or two of my 'talent'. Oh boy...

The 10 contestants are:

  1. Christian (me)
  2. Kendall B.
  3. Todd P.
  4. Caleb S.
  5. Ryan G.
  6. Joseph (NUHS prez)
  7. Nick M.
  8. Nick R.
  9. Chuckie
  10. Konrad

Peace Out Cub Scouts,