Do You Believe in Fate

The Event that Changed My Life (and Brought Me Here)

Hey All, 

I was taking a step back and looking at my life the other day. How did I get to this point in my life? Why do I believe certain things? Why do I behave certain ways? I started daydreaming about events that have had major influences on my life. Then I thought about how I got to be here at NUHS studying chiropractic medicine. The story is more fate-like than conscious choice.

When we were younger, we all had dreams and ideas of what we wanted to be when we grew up. After my dreams of becoming a superhero were gone, my ambitions changed to becoming a pro athlete when I got into high school. Then reality hit as my soaking wet, 5', 103 lb. frame made the varsity hockey team. I probably wasn't big enough to be a pro athlete. So, I did the next best thing, and considered becoming a country club pro so I could play golf all day (haha). What I didn't realize is they probably play the LEAST amount of golf. I worked at 5 different courses when I was younger; it was true. I wondered what I would do with the rest of my life.

The pic is of my junior year in high school, about the same time
I got into chiropractic. Look how young I look! Ahah!

Then, as if from a strange chance, during a hockey game junior year in high school I checked this 6'4" kid in a hockey game breaking out of the zone and just destroyed my back into the boards. I usually loved hitting the biggest kid on the other team; this time, it was a bad idea. I tried to bounce right up. My back was not having it. Sharp, radiating pain in my right SI joint (I didn't know what that was at the time lol) kept me down. A few choice words not printable on this blog came out of my mouth as I realized I probably just ended my season. I HATE being hurt. HATE IT.

After the game, I got the medical workup and physical therapy was prescribed. I've been through PT before with a shoulder injury freshman year and I religiously did my rehab with rest, painkillers and ice. Weeks into the treatment I just wasn't getting better. I still walked with a limp, let alone put enough pressure to skate off that leg. Here's where I believe my life path started changing. Out of nowhere, my mom suggested I go to her chiropractor. I agreed and the next day I had an office visit. I got EMS, adjustments and a little soft tissue. Three treatments later that week along with the chiro's recommendation to continue my PT exercises, I felt ready for the ice again. My coach was rather shocked that I had gone from probably a 6-8 week injury to a 3-week injury so quickly. I was just ecstatic that I could play again and could finally sit through class all day without pain.

After that event, I began increasing my relationship with Dr. Jen Belesi as well as increasing my interest in natural therapies and chiropractic medicine. Senior year we were allowed to get an internship instead of going to school the last 2 months. I chose to get an internship with a chiropractor that my aunt went to a few towns over. Everything had been set up for a few weeks and the day before I was supposed to start the doc called me and cancelled my Internship. I was SHOCKED and CRUSHED. A million things were going through my mind, and I thought I was going to have to go to school and be let down by this missed opportunity I had been looking forward to so much.

Chiropractic could have easily slipped by me at this time. That's about the same time my mom gave it to me straight (as parents have a knack for doing). She said, "Well, you can either give in and go back to school, or you can call Dr. Jen (the chiro who treated me for hockey) and see if there's something last minute you can conjure up. The worst thing is she says no and you're still in the same boat. BUT you never know without asking. I would call if I were you, but it's your choice."

I was pretty afraid of the phone at that age in my life and didn't feel comfortable asking adults for things. For some reason, I picked up the phone, shaking on the inside, rang Dr. Jen, and explained the situation. Her remarks, when I think about it now, are probably the reason I'm writing this blog post at NUHS today, "Sure, Christian, I'd love to have you intern! I'll drop off the office keys tonight and see you at 8am in the office!"

Wow. Just wow.

She decided to hire me on for the next couple summers when I came back from college. National, her alma mater, combined with her exceptional clinical skills were the reasons for me only applying here, and why I'm at NUHS studying chiropractic hoping that one day I'll be able to influence someone's life in the same unbelievably positive way Dr. Jen Belesi did for me. With that, I am grateful to her forever. 

As I reflect on these events, I encourage you to take life as it comes. Don't take yourself too seriously, don't except the status quo, ask for what you want, and be willing to look for the silver lining even in the most unfortunate circumstances. You never know when the next event will be the event that changes your life forever.

If I didn't get hurt in a freak hockey check...

If the chiro I went to wasn't a good clinician…

If I didn't get turned down for my internship with another chiropractor...

If I didn't get brave and call Dr. Jen...

If she didn't say YES, or even have the ability to say YES...

I wouldn't be here writing this today. So, do you believe in fate? I do.

Take home exercise: Take 10 minutes and think about the events that got you to where you are in life right now. Be thankful. What are the 2-3 biggest things you can do to change your life in a meaningful way tomorrow. Take action and don't accept mediocrity.