The Start of Summer


I can't believe we are already back at National and the start of the summer trimester is upon us! I hope you all had a relaxing and fun-filled break with those close to you. My first week of break included tearing up the kitchen with my dad (you know, man things) because my mom found some cool cabinets and wanted to redo the kitchen while I was home (she's an expert interior designer who can do anything with nothing lol). I went to Boston with my best friends from high school and hung around Fenway Park and different parts of Beantown, which I always love. I also got to 'highspeed' palpate some of my friends, which is always fun introducing them to chiropractic. My 24th birthday was indeed over this break, and I always look forward to the family dinner, reflecting on my first 24 years and looking forward to 76+ more (the Centurion Club is on my bucket list, so yeah, I eat healthy).


On the NUHS front, I AM DONE WITH BASIC SCIENCES. I AM DONE WITH BASIC SCIENCES. I AM DONE! (Thank god) After a long road of hard studying in the basic science program that just about bashes your head in, you pop out the other side telling yourself that wasn't so bad (and then you pause and realize it's what you make of it). I would like to thank my friends who became my proverbial NUHS family out here in Chicago. Without great people in my life and exciting seminars on weekends, I wouldn't have made it! Now that I'm in the clinical sciences, I look forward to the next chapter in my education and the refining and betterment of myself as a future doc!

After much deliberation, I'm staying on the full track through clinical sciences, time on the grind for the next year, and then kill it in clinic where all the hard work, practice, practice, practice, and extensive seminars, will pay off. If you don't know me by now, I will be opening my own practice after graduation. By historical numbers, less than 10% of graduates go right out into practice on their own after grabbing their NUHS diplomas.

Which is a perfect segue (I think) for next week's (and maybe the week after) blog on what to expect post graduation, the options, the disadvantages/advantages, and a few interviews with graduates for some lessons that will speed your learning curve and hopefully give you insight into what you might like to do once you're a DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC.

A world of possibilities is at your feet. You game?