Super Bowl and an AK Seminar

Super Bowl

What heartbreak. In case you didn't know. I'm from the Boston area, about 20 minutes from Foxborough, home of the Patriots' stadium. I've been a die hard Patriots fan since I moved to New England in 2000. I've ridden the ups (meteoric Super Bowl rises) and downs (Brady's ACL surgery...2007...gulp).

To be honest, being a Patriots' fan has been an absolute blast and we've been spoiled like an only child for a decade. Five Super Bowl appearances in 11 years? Come on. That's like a Madden video game on franchise mode when you start trading your draft picks for All-Pro players. Video game analogies aside, I was ready to cheer for our 4th Lombardi Trophy and cement the organization as one of the best in professional sports history.

In case you were one of the 100 people in America that didn't watch or hear the final score of the game, we lost (big sad face, cough, hold back the tear...). I won't comment further, it's too painful. It felt like I relived my nightmare from the exact same scenario in 2007 when we left 4 minutes on the clock only to watch helplessly as Eli Manning drove down the field on the worst defense in the league and beat us like old puppets.


On to a lighter subject! The second Applied Kinesiology seminar (of the 7 to get certified) was this weekend and Dr. Francis was on his game again! I've NEVER been to a seminar where literally every word out of his mouth was a 'clinical pearl.' I've been to the best MPI seminars and seen world-class doctors talk. Nothing against them, I loved those seminars, too, but they only look at structure and can't really treat internal stuff. I love the internal stuff and the structural stuff, so finding something like AK to treat them both at the same time has been a godsend.

Realize that AK doesn't get a great rap at school simply because nobody understands what the heck it is. Really--ask someone to explain AK. No one can give you an accurate answer. We don't teach it here but other schools I've spoken with are REQUIRED to take the 100-hour certification. I thought that was enlightening.

Opinions aside, after this seminar I now know how to treat:

  • TMJ
  • adrenal issues
  • thyroid issues
  • fixations
  • gait
  • carpal tunnel
  • tarsal tunnel
  • compaction and sprain strain injuries
  • skin disorders
  • nutritional deficiencies, and
  • the list goes on.

At the end of the day, I don't care WHAT you do. I care that you find SOMETHING you're passionate about that's above the standard NUHS curriculum--own it and get good at it. You owe it to your profession and you owe it to your patients. Treat them how you want to be treated and that's all you could ask for on this earth. 

Hope everyone's week goes well :) 


- CC