Midterms, Lifting, and Your Bubble

Hope Everyone is having a great week!

This week is off to a sleep-deprived start! Although Monday was a school holiday (sweet), we have 2 midterms Tuesday (E&M cervicals and Medical Genomics) and one Thursday (Pathology 2). 

I feel pretty good about all the midterms. I've been preparing hard and we have a bunch of good study guides from past trimester students that have been passed down that help IMMENSELY. 

My sister and me.

One great perk about making lots of friends in your trimester (my no-brainer Tip of the Day) is that information sharing becomes life saving, at least for me. I'm HISTORICALLY a TERRIBLE note taker. I'm also the equivalent of a 5th grader with class organizational skills. Every trimester I buy notebooks, folders, open a Google calendar... bla bla bla; it doesn't work for me. After 2 weeks, my notes are literally closer in relation to a tornado than my backpack. And for reasons that aren't yet clear, it WORKS for me? Sad. Monk (TV show) just rolled in his grave... 

This Friday, in our Diet and Nutrition class, we have a 'design-your-own lifting supplement' project. I LOVE this project. In fact, I've been working with a manufacturer on just that! Over the past trimester or two I've been teasing the idea of starting a side business that leverages the success I had with the rapid body redesign case study I did last February (gained 20 lbs. of muscle in 30 days). I digress. 

This project will be fun and it gives me another opportunity to become better at public speaking (we are presenting). In case you don't know this about me, I'm always looking for ways to 'increase my comfort bubble'. The more you challenge your limits, the less you sweat the stuff that used to put a roof on your potential. As a future doctor, one of my goals is to be a very effective public speaker. Why? Our society places a disproportionate emphasis on "talking equals knowledge". Whenever someone is in front of the room, people assume he's the smartest guy in the room on that particular subject. Subconsciously, you do this. You respect it. You also realize that there's probably dozens of people who are smarter than that person on any given day, but today this person is the 'content expert'. Instead of hating, why not just learn how the game is played and employ them in your favor? My .02. 

Take care till next week,