Level of Consciousness and Human Behavior

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Hope everyone's week is going well. We are smack in the middle of our mid-term "season" at school and everyone is slurping coffees and drowning in information. Boom! What a perfect time to look at human behavior and tell you about a little book about Human Behavior. A book, that after reading has basically changed the way I look at life in some respects.

Power vs. Force, authored by Dr. David Hawkins MD, PhD, looks at human behaviors, emotions, and life view in terms of levels of consciousness. To Hawkins, who studied with the pioneer of behavioral kinesiology, John Diamond, MD, PhD, each level of consciousness (which we'll call LOC for simplicity) correlates with different emotions. The scale is 0-1000; 200 representing neutrality. Anything calibrating at 200 or below is a DESTRUCTIVE attractor and anything above is CONSTRUCTIVE. 

Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions.

Not surprisingly, Peace, Joy, and Love calibrate at 600, 540 and 500 respectively. Whereas Fear, Grief and Guilt calibrate at 100, 75, and 30! Wow! Enlightenment, where the true great people of the world have resonated such as Mother Teresa and Gandhi calibrate at 700+. It's amazing to take a step back and see what's going on in this world and to understand all the negative things that are happening to our country and our planet. According to Hawkins, our LOCs have dropped below 200 (neutrality) and destructive tendencies have been allowed to happen all over our country. Just watch the news, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see we are in a bad pattern of emotional health and it shows with our human behavior.

The extent of this book is fairly large and difficult for me to comprehend all the time but I do know it's been an interesting read, and just reading it has increased my awareness and consciousness. I encourage you, if you're interested in this sort of thing, to Google "Power vs. Force PDF" and check it out for yourself. As the old philosophy teachers used to say, "Don't believe me; go try it for yourself!"

Improve The Impact of Your Writing in 3 Minutes

In theme with my writings, I always try to have a take-away piece of information that can better your lives in some way. Here's an interesting list of words. The impact of words and language has been well documented and studied for thousands of years. Interestingly enough, Dr. Hawkins has compiled the list of words below. The words on the left of each column are words that calibrate above 200 and therefore have more power, whereas the words on the right calibrate below 200 and are therefore destructive. According to Hawkins, just reading this list will impact your life.

I found that reading the list was extremely interesting as it made me uneasy reading the right column, but I highly enjoyed reading the left column. These feelings and emotions brought out by reading each word can IMPACT your writing. Every time someone reads what you are writing or saying they can either have a positive or negative impact or impression. Choose the left and you'll find your vocabulary and life becomes more powerful.  

Accepting - Rejecting

Admitting - Denying

Aesthetic - Artsy

Agreeable - Condescending

Allowing - Controlling

Appreciative - Envious

Approving - Critical

Attractive - Seductive

Authoritative - Dogmatic

Aware - Preoccupied

Balanced - Extreme

Beautiful - Glamorous

Being - Having

Believing - Insisting

Brilliant - Clever

Candid - Calculating

Carefree - Frivolous

Challenged - Impeded

Charitable - Prodigal

Cheerful - Manic

Cherishing - Prizing

Choosing-to - Having-to

Civil - Formal

Concerned - judgmental

Conciliatory - Inflexible

Confident - Arrogant

Confronting - Harassing

Conscious - Unaware

Considerate - Indulgent

Constructive - Destructive

Contending - Competing

Courageous - Reckless

Defending - Attacking

Democratic - Dictatorial

Detached - Removed

Determined - Stubborn

Devoted - Possessive

Diplomatic - Deceptive

Doing - Getting

Educating - Persuading

Egalitarian - Elitist

Empathetic - Pitying

Encouraging - Promoting

Energetic - Agitated

Enlivening - Exhausting

Envisioning - Picturing 

Equal - Superior

Erotic - Lustful

Essential - Apparent

Eternal - Temporal

Ethical - Equivocal

Excellent - Adequate

Experienced - Cynical 

Fair - Scrupulous

Fertile - Luxuriant

Flexible - Rigid

Forgiving - Resenting

Free - Regulated

Generous - Petty

Gentle - Rough

Gifted - Lucky

Giving - Taking

Global - Local

Gracious - Decorous

Grateful - Indebted

Harmonious - Disruptive

Healing - Irritating

Helpful - Meddling

Holistic - Analytic

Honest - Legal

Honoring - Enshrining

Humble - Diffident 59

Humorous - Somber

Impartial - Righteous

Ingenious - Scheming

Inspired - Mundane

Intentional - Calculating

Intuitive - Literal

Inventive - Prosaic

Inviting - Urging

Involved - Obsessed 

Joyful - Pleasurable

Just - Punitive

Kind - Cruel

Leading - Coercing

Liberating - Restricting

Long-term - Immediate

Loyal - Chauvinistic

Open - Secretive

Optimistic - Pessimistic

Orderly - Confused

Outgoing - Reserved

Merciful - Permissive

Modest - Haughty

Natural - Artificial

Noble - Pompous

Nurturing - Draining

Observant - Suspicious 

Patient - Avid

Patriotic - Nationalistic

Peaceful - Belligerent

Polite - Obsequious

Powerful - Forceful

Praising - Flattering

Principled - Expedient

Privileged - Entitled

Prolific - Barren

Purposeful - Desirous

Receiving - Grasping

Releasing - Tenacious

Reliant - Dependent

Requesting - Demanding

Respectful - Demeaning

Responsible - Guilty

Satisfied - Sated

Selective - Exclusive

Serene - Dull

Serving - Ambitious

Sharing - Hoarding

Significant - Important

Sober - Intoxicated

Spontaneous - Impulsive

Spiritual - Materialistic

Steadfast - Faltering

Striving - Struggling

Surrendering - Worrying

Tender - Hard

Thoughtful - Pedantic

Thrifty - Cheap

Timeless - Faddish

Tolerant - Prejudiced

Tractable - Contrary

Trusting - Gullible

Truthful - False

Unifying - Dividing

Unselfish - Selfish

Valuing - Exploitive

Virtuous - Celebrated

Warm - Feverish 

With much love and curiosity for what the world offers,