NUHS Life, Gonstead, and a Challenge

Hola Cygnets,

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. The Patriots had a nice win in overtime to start my week off on a good note. I forgot to mention last Friday we had "Olympic style" Tri Games. Our tri (6) won! The first time we've won since I've started! I think I have like three 2nd place finishes, but our tri has never been able to pull it out and win. Tri Games, for those that don't know, are always a blast of fellow students and tris competing against each other in flag football, kickball, dodgeball, or Olympics. With all the studying we do here, it's nice to bond with other tris, get out there and meet people, as well as declare rivalries.



This past Saturday, I attended a Gonstead Adjusting Seminar by Dr. Solecki. Dr. Gonstead was a pioneer in our profession and was obsessed with precision, force vectors, disc planes, and overall "setting bones" as good as one could hope to do! The Gonstead clinic in Wisconsin is notorious for getting UNBELIEVABLE patient outcomes and results, which ultimately made me curious in learning more about the technique. Many people don't know Gonstead was actually an engineer before he became a chiropractor, so he knew a little about physics and mechanics!

My only beef with this school is they don't teach Gonstead adjusting here. In fact, they bash it from time to time. I probably got into trouble writing this, but it is my job to write about topics in chiropractic at this school for current and prospective students! Nevertheless, I love being adjusted by Gonstead docs because the adjustment feels "clean" and they are extremely specific with it. You see, original chiropractic literally means specific contact with a specific line of drive on a specific bone. So, if you adjust the whole lumbar spine with a drop, yeah it feels good for 10 minutes, but is that true chiropractic? Just food for thought. I always encourage people to ask the question, "why I am doing this?" I digress, don't be a hater. Love the profession that we are in and embrace the eclectic diversity that it has to offer; you just might find something you really enjoy you wouldn't have been exposed to!

Another random musing I've been working on is a powerpoint presentation on how to fix the TMJ that I plan on showing to some fellow students that have inquired about it. It's an extremely fascinating joint, and one that goes overlooked because many people believe we just adjust the spine!

Mini Challenge

With all the stress building from midterms, I propose a mini challenge: Try NOT to complain about anything for 3 days. I'm taking the plunge as I write this! Why? Imagine how you'll feel and how your interactions with people will differ if you didn't start your conversations with:

  • "I'm so tired today!"
  • "I feel terrible going into this test; there wasn't enough time to study."
  • "I hate studying."
  • "Our professor didn't get grades up in 24 hrs."
  • "Boards are coming up."
  • "I'm stressed out" ... etc, etc, etc. You know what I mean!


  • "The material was tough, but I buckled down and we'll see how it goes in there."
  • Or for you nerds like me: "I never knew that gout was exacerbated by taking aspirin!"
  • "If I didn't study, I wouldn't have that knowledge to help my future patients."

It sounds corny, and it may not (and probably won't!) go like that, but I'm just tired of negative people, so maybe this is a projection of myself out into the world. But seriously people, keep smiling!

Stay Beautiful,