Tri Mixer

Hello, everyone! 

Do you ever wonder if chiro students have any fun? (We do.) Do you wonder when? Tri Mixer (with some exceptions lol). Tri Mixer is the fun 'school' party that Student Council hosts every third weekend of each trimester. It's a great way to get together with your fellow compadres, sling back a few wobbly pops and attempt to Michael Jackson on the dance floor.


This trimester's mixer was hosted at Rita's, the infamous 'dance club' a few miles from school on Butterfield Rd. The reason I mention infamous is that I'm fairly certain everyone has a story regarding a Rita's night, whether that was a poor drink consumption decision, horrible dance-off, toss-off the mechanical bull, or felt the stare of a creepy old guy. Need I say more?

So it couldn't possibly be a good time, right? False. It was a great time! I love getting together with all my friends from all the tris who we don't get to see as often (especially given the new class attendance policy) and having a fun, dance-filled night.

I'm going to have a big study week this week because I'm a bit behind on the notes and we are going to have midterm season creeping up on us. I'm also trying to figure out if I should run for a Student Council position. I'm already on the board of two clubs and I have a lot of stuff on my plate, so I will be contemplating the added monetary benefit with the time restrictions.

Until next week...