Trimester Wind-Down

The trimester only has 3 weeks left! WHOA! No offense NUHS, but after 12 weeks of grinding on the same information I get antsy to move on to new material and can't wait for a little break from studying where I can go home to Boston, recharge my batteries, spend some quality family/friend time, and touch up on a little extracurricular studying I normally don't get to allocate time to (i.e. my stock trading passion). I realize the last couple weeks I've mainly given non-school related material so I will give some NUHS recap. 

Tri Games Recap

Last week we had our Tri Games tournament featuring kickball for the summer trimester. The tournament was almost canceled with torrential downpours throughout the morning, but magically the weather beamed hot sun by afternoon and the games were on!

2011-08-02-Tri Games

Our tri (3) was looking to exact some revenge after our loss in the finals at the last Tri Games in dodge ball. We fielded a solid squad and have a particularly athletic group, both guys and gals. We started the games with a blowout of Second Tri (whomp whomp!) and went undefeated through the round robin and earned ourselves a first round bye in the playoffs. We excelled through to the finals were we faced our bitter (not really) rivals, Tri 5. They are another solid athletic group and they had rolled straight through the tournament on the backs of great defense and precise hitting.

Decked out in orange (our color this tri) we took home field advantage, and held strong. Unfortunately, we fell behind on a dodgy foul ball call and were never able to recover. Their strategy based on how we picked the first few games was to take away the deep ball. We never were able to adjust to hit base hits (kicks?!) and we lost the game in 7 innings. Sad face. Alas, we have back-to-back losses in tri games finals! No worries, I had a blast and we will be back for the fall for flag football! 


The frat initiation party was this past Friday, much to the anticipation of lots of people. We hosted it in the city at McGee's, which turned out to be a pretty great time. On a side note: I was elected to be the treasurer for the frat for the next academic year. If you're reading this and think you'd never be in a frat, I would say I would've agreed with you. And yet now I'm an officer?

I've blogged about the unmentioned benefits of joining the professional frat at NUHS in an earlier post. It sums up to strengthening the relationships with fellow classmates from other trimesters that you normally wouldn't hang with, as well as constant adjusting practice with Dr. Elder. If Karma's an issue, helping locally with community service isn't so bad either! The bottom line is it will make you a better chiropractor and ultimately that is what we all strive to be.

That's it for me this week. I have lots of studying as finals start next week. :\

Live Awesome,