Going Home

This will be the final installment of my 3rd trimester here at NUHS. The end of the summer semester has brought a bittersweet taste to my mouth. 

On one hand, I'm totally stoked that I get to move on and go home to spend time with family and friends and recharge. On the other, the end means that fall and cooler temperatures are on their way. A small confession, I love the warm, sunny days. No surprise there! With that said, I think that I was able to find a solid balance of fun, schoolwork and side projects/interests this trimester.

The beginning of the tri took me way of out balance as I was still so burnt out from the Neuros of Tri 2 that study mode didn't kick in till later than it usually does. However, I was able to kick it back into gear at the end of the trimester with a lot of things including my side projects all coming together nicely.

What Are You Doing This Break?

I know I am going to try to do a bunch of things. I'm most likely going to be doing some nerdy studying of biomechanics and gait analysis because I don't think our school gives us enough of this valuable tool. I plan on going to a Red Sox game, chilling with family, going to NYC to see my old best friends, as well as relaxing at my grandparent's house at Cape Cod. I can't wait! 


One thing I will absolutely recommend when coming out to Chicago if you're not from the area, is make lots of friends and participate in the variety of activities the school offers. Whether its joining clubs, going to tri games, rounding up friends for a cookout, going out on a weekend, all are vital to your sanity here at NUHS. That may sound a little funny, but with the workload it's easy to get caught up in the grind and not have a balanced life of laughter, fun activities and great friends. Great friends end up becoming your family away from family so choose wisely, laugh often and don't judge! 

Have a great break!