Shoulder Seminar in St. Louis

Hola, "You can find me in St. Louis..."

MpiHope everyone has had a good first month of school. The past weekend was a blast for me because it featured the Shoulder Seminar by the Motion Palpation Institute in St. Louis. I've been looking forward to this seminar since I heard about it in the winter. I've played a variety of throwing sports and I have previous injuries to my shoulder with pitching and catching in my younger baseball days. In fact, I had to 'retire' from baseball in 10th grade because my shoulder couldn't hold up anymore. Thus, my interest in being able to treat the shoulder and baseball/softball athletes has always intrigued me.

Caleb, Kendall and I shared wheels down to St. Louis on Friday night after a few epic games of sand volleyball at National. I think long car rides with friends from school is a very underrated portion of away seminars. Reasoning is we bounce ideas and future plans off each other the whole car ride down. One of the big things I took away was how I can change my setup on a seated CT adjustment  to get better cavitations and increase patient comfort. Caleb explained he was watching Dr. King, arguably the best adjuster in the world (Dr. Elder don't take offense!), and noticed his non-contact hand was doing a motion they didn't usually teach but nonetheless made the adjustment more effective. Awesome. The seminar had been worth it and I hadn't checked in yet!

The 2-day seminar featured a variety of presentations from Brett Winchester, DC, and Corey Campbell, DC, as well as special presentations for an orthopedic surgeon, an ex-softball DC, and two ex-MLB pitchers. This was apparently a Master's Series seminar, so there was WAY more information than a usual seminar. I wish there was a bit more chiropractic thrown in on the first day, but on the second day, being able to complete functional screens on two great college pitchers and improving their future performance was worth it.

It's going to be a great niche to now have the ability to go to any coach and say, "I can screen your athletes and tell you which ones are more at risk for anything from SLAP tears, rotator cuff problems, and tommy john surgery."

If you put a gun to my head and asked me to tell you the top three functional screens to run on any athlete they would be:

  1. Glenohumoral Internal Rotation Test
  2. Quadreped Test in both coronal and saggital planes
  3. 6-8in step-downs

Well, that's it for me. Hope everyone has a great homecoming weekend!

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