Whoa, Week 5!

Homecoming weekend has come and gone and midterm season is officially underway!

I'm loaded up the next couple weeks so I will try to get creative with my posts, as I won't be doing much more than studying. The past week I was able to fit in some fun activities like Whirlyball, Corn Hole, Golf, and studying lol. 

Homecoming _400

Homecoming is a yearly event at NUHS where the alumni head back to the school for a weekend of pig roasting, continuing education lectures, and catching up with old friends. I attended the pig roast with a couple of friends after the Frat's Triannual Whirlyball Extravaganza. That is not the real name, but it sounded funny and I love Whirlyball so I added it. At the roast I stuffed myself and played quite a few games of corn hole that brought me back to the good ol' college days. 

Without passing judgment, I do have some suggestions for next year's alumni homecoming. If they have another pig roast, I think they should advertise it further in advance and more often leading up to the event. I didn't even know about the roast until that afternoon and there were only one or two tables of students with the rest being alumni, faculty and staff. I just thought it would have been more fun to have a better mix. 

Also, I might get in trouble for saying this but I didn't get to attend the homecoming lectures because it cost money? Hold on. I understand that information is valuable and they put their time into preparing a great lecture, but how much money do we pay to go to this school? And our homecoming costs money to attend? I was shocked enough to include it in the blog lol. [Editor's Note: FYI - students were charged a minimal fee to attend Homecoming. In the past, when it was free, they often registered to attend and then didn't show up. Thus, seating was taken away from alumni who attend the event to earn continuing education credits.]

On a nerdy side-note (and albeit shameless school plug): Visceral Anatomy is really neat. I enjoy it much better than the previous trimester's Head and Neck Anatomy course because the structures are much more interesting. How cool is it that you get to dissect out a heart and hold it in your hands? How many other chiropractic schools give you that opportunity? From what I've heard, we are the only ones that get to dissect! Go National! 

Have a great week!