Adventures When JMU Comes to Chi-town

It was Friday afternoon when I picked up my two JMU buddies (Astin & Shawn) from O'Hare airport. They immediately jumped in and made a viral YouTube video joke. The laughter didn't stop until Monday afternoon when I dropped them off for their flight back to Washington D.C. What a weekend! 

Astin Christian Shawn -bar

We started the shenanigans by going out to watch the Bruins game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals with about 10 other NUHS students. They, of course, had to try the deep dish pizza and the coined phrase, "When in Chicago..." was used frequently those 4 days. Thank God the Bruins won! We are going to the STANLEY CUP FINALS ...YEA!

Astin -Shawn -Wrigley _web

Our Saturday was easily the most ridiculous day I've ever been a part of. For reasons different than this blog's policy, I will merely give you a small recap. Astin and Shawn are huge baseball fans so one of the bucket-listed items on their Chicago trip was Wrigley Field, of course. We crossed that off Saturday. I've never been to Wrigley and I must say it rivals Fenway Park (my hometown's historic ballpark) in its uncanny ability to make you feel a part of its storied history. Another small perk was that the tickets were a heck of a lot cheaper than Fenway tickets because the Cubs are abysmal. They lost 10 to nada at the hands of the just-better-than-awful Pitt Pirates. Somehow in the midst of it we witnessed the Cubs get held to a complete game - 3 hit shutout by a mediocre Pirates pitcher.

Wrigley _web

After the game we met up with National students in Wrigleyville (who also had friends visiting) for some post-game festivities. There's plenty more to the story but we'll leave that out for now.

All in all, the weekend was extremely fun and recharging (well, kind of) for me. I got to see a few faces I haven't seen in over a year, witnessed my first Wrigley game, saw the Bruins advance to the Stanley Cup for the first time in 21 years, got fried like a lobster at the pool, finalized a deal with Ori Hofmekler (more on this in later posts), got some good PubMed research for my new case study experiment, and am ready to start ramping up studying for midterms.

Did I mention the shoulder seminar is next week in St. Louis? So pumped. We'll talk seminar next week.

Take Care,