Welcome Back

The summer trimester is upon us! This will be the first summer I've ever had classes throughout and since it's only the first week, not a lot school-wise, has happened so I figured I'd tell you a little about my break. The absolute best advice I can give you between trimesters is to have a BLAST, live it up, do something new, enjoy the mush of a brain you have post-finals, and for all other intents and purposes, recharge your battery.  

Break Adventures

What I find really strange is how many people shallowly ask when they get back to school, "How was your break?" almost half expecting a "good" or "relaxing" or "not bad" answer. I've been trying to answer with slightly more detail just to see the reaction on their faces. My new answer goes like this:

  1. I celebrated my 23rd birthday in Boston with my best friends from high school.
  2. Gave my 81-yea-old grandma a piggyback up a flight of stairs (no elevator in the building) only to put her right down in a room full of people that yelled, "SURPRISE!" (We gave her a surprise 60th wedding anniversary party! :)
  3. Jumped off a 40 ft. cliff…into water. 
  4. Couch-surfed my way from Boston to Richmond to James Madison University.
  5. Celebrated my best friend's graduation from college and commission as a 2nd lieutenant.
  6. Entered a 10,000 fans contest put on by New York Times best selling author, and one of my heroes, Tim Ferriss.
  7. Challenged myself to contact Ori Hofmekler, author of the best-selling Warrior Diet, about a potential business venture. Task completed!
  8. Scalped tickets at Fenway Park to see a thrilling Red Sox game.

You could say I enjoyed my break! 

Summer Goals

As with all trimesters I wanted to put some goals down for me to subconsciously strive for. 

  • Learn the new material well. (Grades don't matter to me, but understanding the material enough to excel for my future patients does, which is why my goal is phrased like this.)
  • Do something once a week that makes me really uncomfortable. (By always pushing the bubble, I enjoy life more and open doors normally closed.)
  • Go to at least 1 seminar. (The second depends on money.)
  • Find balance. (My dad's favorite word. It means that nothing gets excessive attention or anxiety and everything in your life fits together such that you feel content…obviously a tough goal!)
  • Explore more of Chicago. (With the warm weather, I hope to make it into the city for more adventures than I was able the first two tris.)
  • Last goal is to worry less about things that are out of my control. (I have a bad tendency to focus into the future and prepare for different events. While this helps me with lots of aspects with my life, it absolutely drains my adrenal glands and I've noticed that nothing makes me feel better than an adrenal supplement and accepting whatever happens is meant to happen.)

With that wrapping up my break and my goals for the trimester, how was your break? Did you do everything you wanted to? Would you change anything? If so, think about the changes you can make for this trimester to be your best yet.

Live Awesome,