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In this week's post I'll be covering the MPI Gait Seminar that took place this past weekend just down the street from National's Campus.


Motion Palpation is my favorite club on campus and almost every chiropractic college has some form of this club because it's a tremendous way to practice adjustments, motion palpate joints, and get extra material you don't always get from your standard classes. The Motion Palpation Institute is a fantastic organization geared towards rounding up the best doctors, protocols, and research in the chiropractic field and delivering unbelievable seminars to students and doctors alike.

The Gait Seminar

This past weekend featured MPI's Gait Seminar. The seminar attracted about 200 students, four MPI docs (Dr. King, Dr. Winchester, Dr. Lotus, Dr. Campbell) and two special guests, Peter Breeze and Shawn Eno. Peter Breeze is the head shoe developer at New Balance (just moved from Nike) and Shawn Eno is the top pedorthist and orthotic specialist in North America. Needless to say this event had a ton of top doctors and specialists. Dr. Elder and Dr. Sarah Macchi even made appearances to pitch in even more doctor firepower! The other cool feature of the seminar was that it has been two and a half years since MPI hosted a gait seminar so the whole event had a ton of anticipation and excitement.

What is Gait? It's the study of human locomotion and more specifically the walking cycle of humans. It takes into account the biomechanics of the foot and how that relates up the kinematic chain to the rest of the body. In short, watching someone walk can tell you A LOT about their injury proneness, the roots of their pain, and what segments that you should screen, palpate, adjust, rehab, and/or stretch. Gait is a unique tool a variety of health care professionals use including chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists, and pedorthists. According to Dr. Winchester, one of the best doctors I've witnessed teach gait, it can sound like a foreign language and become overly detailed but the best gait docs will use it as a tool to see the 'elephants,' confirm those with functional screen tests, and then treat the patient accordingly.

We spent the whole weekend at the gorgeous Sara Lee headquarters pretty much staring at people's feet and walking patterns. If you are fond of people watching, you would love this seminar! Ha ha. The best part was I had been going to gait club at school all trimester and taking time outside of class to learn about the foot biomechanics, so when the docs were crushing through unbelievable material (300+ slides) I was able to actually follow along when they spoke about "Forefoot Valgus posts, heel whips, 1st MPJ dorsiflexion, Modified Thomas, Trendelenberg, Calcaneal Eversion, etc".

Hope everyone has a great week with finals peering its ugly head around the corner!